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A soaking of a system arrives on Thursday

Be sure to step out and enjoy the start-to-finish predictions today. It will be the last real good day for most until early next week. This morning, temperatures are in the 20s and 30s with partly cloudy skies in the north and mostly cloudy skies in the south. These mostly cloudy skies in southern Vermont and New Hampshire will drop a few isolated rain showers later this morning. Other than making the roads a bit wet, it won’t be a hard hitting rain.

As we enter the afternoon, the sun is blazing across the upcountry and upper valley, with clouds hanging over southern Vermont and New Hampshire. These clouds will result in a cooler day for central Vermont and points to the south. Temperatures will reach the upper 40s to upper 50s as you travel south. In the north of the country and the upper valley, temperatures will reach the 50s above 60 degrees with plenty of sunshine and north to south winds of 5-15 mph.

Thursday’s forecast gets messy as our next big weather forecaster arrives in the form of a rainy event. Thursday morning, heavy rain and showers are expected to break out in the St. Lawrence Valley. The rest of the north of the country and the upper valley will see only a few showers and watering for the Thursday morning trip.

On Thursday afternoon, the axis of heavy rain will extend further north to Montreal and southern Quebec. Scattered showers will become a little more likely for the Champlain and Connecticut river valleys. The North Eastern Kingdom is likely to see more widespread showers in the late afternoon and evening.

Overnight, the heaviest rainfall will extend south to north across Empire, Green Mountain and Granite states. Late tonight until dawn on Friday is when most of us will harvest much of our precipitation. Totals will range from 1-2″+ in the North Country and especially in the St. Lawrence Valley; minor flooding is possible. Elsewhere, rainfall amounts will accumulate between 0.5 and 1″+, creating a renewed threat of muddy rural roads. Go slow, drive carefully and stay alert to the weather.