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Binghamton University at 75: a photo flashback – blog

Posted by Madeline Loiaconi on December 3, 2021

2021 was a celebration of community, growth and a return to “normalcy”. Coincidentally, Binghamton University celebrated its 75th anniversary this year. Our university has grown so much in such a short time, achieving things at the level of some of the more elite universities. After digging through the archives, I have compiled several photos that encompass yesterday and today to really visualize how much has changed over time. Let’s take a look at the history of the University to truly appreciate the community the Bearcats have built from the ground up.

Binghamton University

Binghamton University, originally named Triple Cities Community College, opened in 1946 as a two-year college for returning GIs. The main campus building was located in the old Colonial Hall in Endicott. In 1950 it changed its name to Harpur College and was incorporated into the State University of New York. In 1954, 387 acres of land were purchased on what is now Binghamton University. The campus now encompasses 930 acres of land.


Dickinson Community

With the newly acquired land, it didn’t take long for the student body to increase. In 1958, the Dickinson community became the first residential community on campus. Today, it has four of the newest buildings on campus. Residential life has developed into six communities: Dickinson, Hinman, College-in-the-Woods, Mountainview, Newing and the Apartments. From Dorm Wars to Co-Rec, each community has its own traditions and style that students love to be proud of.


University union

Can you imagine the campus without the Union? Whether it’s weekly Late Nite events, the newly renovated subways, MarketPlace and more, it’s safe to say the Union has been an invaluable addition to our campus.


The greenhouse

The greenhouse is the coolest (and hottest) building on campus, yet before 1965 it didn’t even exist! The oldest greenhouse still standing on the Binghamton campus was built in 1981. Now with four biomes, including the desert section, the Binghamton University greenhouse is a must-see campus feature.


Library Tower

Binghamton University without the library tower is a foreign concept to me. It’s the first thing that tells me I’m home when I come home after the break. In 1966 it became a concept for all Bearcats.


The object

As the first SUNY liberal arts school, Binghamton is known for several works of art on campus. The Object is one of his most famous since 1967. Did you know that it was made of wood until 2009?


Lieberman Lake

Lounging around Lieberman Lake near Newing was a luxury in Binghamton in 1972. Since the lake has grown smaller, students can now enjoy a campfire where the lake once stood.


The marketplace

Can you spot the differences between these two photos? Without the market square, the clock tower, and the additional fountain in the 1970 photo, Binghamton looks like two different campuses.


The Peace Quad

The Peace Quad has always been a great meeting place, especially in Springhamton! Despite the change in clothing trends from 1973 to today, students still enjoy a great day outdoors!



Binghamton students know that fall has reached its peak when the trees outside the Binghamton University Bookstore turn a beautiful red. However, in 1974 almost no trees were planted along the spine.


Hinman Dorm Wars

A few Binghamton traditions have become a thing of the past, but some traditions are too iconic to go away. Hinman Hysteria has been held every year since 1978, and it’s still going strong.


College in the woods

Despite the changes in fashion, College In the Woods remains a great community to walk around no matter the weather.


Jazzman cabins

I wouldn’t survive Finals week without my favorite place to study on campus: the Jazzman cabins. Even in 1980, before the kiosks were installed, students loved this place!


University party

University Fest is another tradition that Binghamton students don’t want to miss! This is the perfect opportunity to meet your new roommates and join one of the 300+ clubs that have been founded over the years!


Dream Pipe

The Binghamton School newspaper was not always named Dream Pipe. Until 1970 it was called Colonial news. With the name, Dream Pipe has changed its aesthetic several times, which can be seen in a front page of a 1970 edition versus a Spring 2020 semester issue. Conveniently, all issues are now published online, while in By the 1970s, it was common for students to read a physical copy on campus.



Did you know Binghamton had a staircase fountain? In its place is now Pegasus, a gift from the Class of 1985. According to Greek mythology, the statue inspires the spirit of dance, music, literature and memory. Now the fountain that remains on campus is the magnificent Infinity Fountain, which perfectly reflects the sky.


Conference room

Students in 1987 attended lectures in the same lecture hall as students today. From freshmen to top Binghamton majors, so many class memories have been created in these rooms.


Dorm decor

No matter what decade you attended Binghamton University, decorating your dorm is something to look forward to every year.


Management school

Despite the establishment of the School of Management in 1970, it was not until 1996 that its current house, Academic Building A, was built.


Clock tower

What is campus without the Pantone 342 clock tower? Built in 2000, it is now one of Binghamton’s most iconic structures.


Entrance to Binghamton University

First impressions are important. The entrance sign to Binghamton University can be spotted all along the Vestal Parkway, its beautiful brick walls illuminated with green letters, welcoming all Bearcats to their homes. Did you know that it was just built in 2014?


Whether you’ve been here since 1946 or it’s your first semester, you are what makes Binghamton a home for all. Despite all of its changes, Binghamton’s success remains possible because of you and the wonderful Bearcat community.

Madeline Loiaconi is a student at Binghamton University, majoring in English Literature, Creative Writing and Film. On campus, she is a member of the Alpha Phi Omega Community Service Fraternity and a content creator on Binghamton’s TikTok account.

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