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Blog: Exceptionally hot Monday with much needed chance of rain this week

As drought conditions continue over Hampton Roads and northeastern North Carolina, we have been spoiled by our day-to-day weather. At least on the surface, because the sun and the good conditions prevailed day after day. Everything changes as we move into the work week – an unstable period of weather brings back much needed chances of rain.

An unstable period of time this week.

The clouds have thickened this evening and will act as a blanket, helping to keep our temperatures in the upper 40s and lower 50s until dawn. Not as cold as in the morning – maybe this will help us get out of bed on a Monday morning. The southwest breeze picks up in the afternoon and will raise our afternoon highs to almost 70 °! Winds should sometimes be over 20 mph.

Blustery sometimes on Monday afternoon.

The passage of clouds should do the trick throughout the day as we await the passage of an approaching cold front. It will cross the region on Monday evening with some showers after sunset.

A broken line of showers is expected to develop after sunset on Monday.

We will have sun after the cold front on Tuesday, but it will be accompanied by this northerly breeze. Thus, afternoon temperatures are expected to be 20 ° C cooler than Monday – this unusually warm weather is short-lived. Highs will hold in the 40s on Tuesday, then likely hold in the 40s near 50 ° through Wednesday and Thursday.

This same cold front stalls towards our south, then rises very slightly on Wednesday, allowing some humidity to circulate along the border. From now on, we like the idea of ​​some much needed rains on Wednesday. But a cold rain it will be!

More rain can arrive in the middle of the week.

Things are expected to remain volatile as the weekend approaches and the risk of rain persists. It also means temperatures are fluctuating as well, so check for updates this week as we adjust the forecast.

Buckle up and enjoy the weather rollercoaster this week!

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro