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Blog: Looking for some good firefighters… (04/04/22)

Please believe me that all-volunteer services in our area need hardworking and dedicated members to learn, contribute their time and effort, and join us. As a member of Dick Johnson’s Volunteer Fire Department, I see him personally every day and hear about him from other township departments.

The number of volunteers has declined in recent years for many reasons.

  1. A more nomadic lifestyle / More and more people are leaving their place of origin for work, marriage, etc.

  2. Remuneration / Generally there is no monetary benefit and if there is, not much.

  3. Time constraints / Work, children, outside factors and the list goes on and on.

  4. Training / Training is hard. Bunker gear is miserably hot in the summer and the cold winter fires we’re sent to are just as miserable with the water freezing on you.

  5. Calls / You never get a dial tone or a call from the dispatcher on a nice, bright day at something easy and minor. We tone up when it’s hot, freezing, dinner time, 2 am, family vacations etc…

Now, reading the above, I’m sure all of you reading this are thinking, yes, I’m going to jump on this opportunity!! Now for the positive side.

  1. Belonging / Sounds silly, but it’s true. The people who show up at your side at 2 a.m. or February truly become a kind of family. Sometimes better and sometimes not better than your current family, everyone has problems, but this is a family you will follow and support when needed.

  2. Accomplishment / I started this journey in my early forties. I have a job, a family and other commitments, but I signed up. I took the classes, trained, studied, and became a certified firefighter and EMT. Nights after work, weekend days, but I feel fine.

  3. Feeling / The way you feel knowing that you have helped a person or family in need, at the worst possible time. At the end of the day, no matter how tired, cold, hot, sore or whatever you feel, knowing that you helped a stranger or even someone you know is irrelevant. price.

To sum up, please inquire us. Look in your VFD township. Imagine that you or someone you love needs help and no one is there because they have other things to do. So imagine if you could help, that’s what will make the difference.

Jeremie Snow

Dick Johnson VFD

Volunteer Firefighter / Volunteer EMT