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How to get the YouTube aversion count

Image Credit: YouTube Dislike Return

You don’t like on YouTube? This expansion brings back an estimated dislike count and ratio, just like in the good old days.

Google last month announced it was removing the YouTube aversions count, much to the dismay of most internet users. This is a problem because it removes visible information that shows whether a video is worth your time. Fortunately, there is an extension for this.

Back YouTube Dislike is a web extension for Firefox and all Chromium browsers such as Chromium, Edge, Opera and Courageous. Go here for other unsupported platforms and a third-party implementation on jailbroken iOS.

So how does it work? Until the start of this week, Return YouTube Dislike was using YouTube’s data API to collect dislike numbers and display them to users. All of this data was recorded by the extension’s database. Now that the dislikes count is removed from the API, the plugin displays a combination of archived dislike statistics, estimates extrapolated from the plugin’s user data, and estimates based on the view / report. love. For this reason, the dislikes shown are not 100% accurate, especially on newer and smaller videos with limited data, but this is the best you get until YouTube brings back the dislikes count. … You can wait a while.