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It’s not what you think it is. – Me, Anonymous Blog

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It’s not that we’re secret friends. It is because we are not friends. The people I count among those I respect and admire do not shrivel up in silence in the face of social pressure and fear. You are simply indulging in an illusion that comforts you. Because if you believe that you are helping or secretly doing something, the reality of your inaction in the face of democratic decadence could be forgiven. But it is not, you must first confess your sins before you are forgiven.
Your silence empowers liars and oppressors of all flavors. By preventing yourself from engaging in community action and empowerment, you are continuing the torture of those who have suffered the cruelties of our society. Every second you remain silent about the abuse you have witnessed, the potential for violence increases.
Forget selflessness, start watching your back. It doesn’t matter whether you speak up or not, if you can be recognized as a potential threat to the autocratic order, then you will be treated accordingly when the time comes.
Until then, enjoy the show.

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