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Maid Service Direct Blog offers suggestions on how to do the tedious task of cleaning blinds

Maid Service Direct is proud to be one of the most trusted house cleaning services in and around the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. Part of that reputation is due to its strong commitment to customer service. Something the company displays in different ways. This includes sharing their many years of cleaning experience with those who like to take a slightly more hands-on approach when it comes to taking care of their home. A good example is a recent blog post the company added to their website that provides instructions on how to clean blinds. It is a task that many consider to be one of the most tedious home cleaning tasks.

This new blog post began by saying that it’s no secret that blinds tend to be a dust magnet and that a whopping 31% of those who responded to a recent survey on cleaning the house said it was their least favorite item in their home to clean. A large part of this is due not only to their usual degree of dirtiness, but also to the fact that they have flexible services that move easily with the slightest touch. The new article from Maid Service Direct then suggested three different methods of cleaning blinds; one involved cleaning them in place and the other two involved removing the blinds. Dusting was the preferred method that was mentioned to clean the blinds in place. To make this method work consistently, he suggested doing this every two weeks using a ‘Swiffer’ type brush or using the brush attachment included with many household vacuums.

The article also explained how the process should be done with the blinds facing in one direction and then repeated with the blinds turned upside down in the opposite position. Shade Cleaning Method # 2, as was mentioned earlier, involved taking the shades apart from a house and placing them in a bathtub. This is something that will most likely be necessary if the first blind cleaning method that was discussed was not performed regularly. Once removed from the wall, blinds should be placed in a tub half full of water with a little dish soap or degreaser added to the water. The owner should soak the blinds for about 15 minutes so that the dirt can come off, then clean them by hand with a cotton glove or soft cloth.

The latest blind cleaning method mentioned in this reputable Philadelphia cleaning services blog is to remove the blinds and clean them outdoors if the weather permits or if there is a suitable covered area on the premises. . He said he hung the blinds on a clothesline, railing or other object to which they can be easily attached and then sprayed with a garden hose. The blog post specifically stated not to use a pressure washer to clean the blinds, as it could damage them. Once again, the article suggested using cotton gloves or cleaning rags to wipe down each side of a blind slat, then give them a final rinse. This new blog ended by saying that blind cleaning is also one of the specialty cleaning services that Maid Service Direct is always ready to offer to home or business owners.

In addition to posting helpful blog posts, the company also offers a variety of experienced and professional home and business cleaning services. A business owner or manager can book Maid Service Direct cleaning services in less than 60 seconds directly from the company’s website. All a customer has to do is select the cleaning services they wish to perform from a checklist, which includes tasks such as cleaning baseboards or sweeping and mopping floors, to create a personalized cleaning list. Service spokesperson Elaine Davison said, “Our combination of convenient online booking, experienced and professional house cleaning, and excellent customer service makes Maid Service Direct the perfect choice for busy owners, homeowners. business and professionals to get their essentials. cleaning needs taken care of. Schedule your home cleaning today, so you can free up your time to do the things you love the most.

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