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Martin Blog (7/23): 2022 Western Iowa Conference Cross Country Preview | Sports

(KMAland) – The 2021-22 sports calendar year ended yesterday, and it’s now on to the fall 2022-23 sports previews. Thanks to the random number generator, the Western Iowa conference cross-country preview is first (unless you count all those football previews).

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The Logan-Magnolia Girls and Missouri Valley Boys are the defending conference champions. The same as the year before, in fact. For the Panthers, they have now won five straight WIC titles while the Big Reds are on a two-run streak. Let’s take an in-depth look at this year’s league.


AHSTW: Jackson Renberg

Audubon: Pete Dammel

IKM Manning: Robert Cast

Logan Magnolia: Kelli Kersten

Missouri Valley: Scott Cihacek

Riverside: Jared Hoffman (girls) and Alex Oliver (boys)

Treynor: Chaley Hempel

Tri-center: Lexi Cochran

Glades: Sydney Rath

They are all returning coaches from last season, with the exception of Rath, who replaces longtime coach Eric Hjelle.


The champion (Courtney Sporrer) is out of high school, but she’s one of only four seniors in the top 20 last year. Joining her in this capacity: Tri-Center’s Kyla (7th) and Karis (17th) Corrin and Audubon’s Hannah Thygesen (12th).


The champ (Bryce Patten of Underwood) also dropped out of the league. There were other major graduations with Missouri Valley Tag Team Champion losing Cody Gilpin (3rd), Brek Boruff (5th) and Will Gutzmer (7th) in the top seven. Audubon’s Jackson Deist (14th), Tri-Center’s Michael Denning (16th), and Underwood’s Hagen Heistand (19th) are the only other top 20 runners to leave the league.


The first number is their ranking among returnees while the number in parentheses is where they finished last year in the WIC meet.

1. (2) Madison Sporrer, SO, Logan-Magnolia: The second Sporrer is gone, but the third is back after finishing just a second behind her sister in last year’s WIC meet.

2. (3) Quincey Schneckloth, SO, Tri-Center: Schneckloth was the top runner on the second-place Tri-Center team.

3. (4) Emily Albertsen, SO, IKM-Manning: The busy freshman class of 2021 continues here with Albertsen, who raced straight with Schneckloth to the finish line.

4. (5) Stefi Beisswenger, SO, Audubon: Yeah, another sophomore. Beisswenger led Audubon’s third-place team.

5. (6) Greylan Hornbeck, SR, Logan-Magnolia: The top senior in the conference, Hornbeck was one of three Panthers in the top six.

6. (8) Rylie Knop, JR, AHSTW: The top junior in the league, Knop helped AHSTW finish fourth in the WIC meet.

7. (9) Jaden Franke, SR, Tri-Center: Franke will be the best senior on the Tri-Center team this season.

8. (10) Mariah Nolting, SR, Logan-Magnolia: The top senior of the five-time defending conference champions.

9. (11) Haedyn Hall, SO, Logan-Magnolia: The youngest Sporrer wasn’t the only freshman who helped keep the Lo-Ma score low all season.

10. (13) Georgia Paulson, JR, Underwood: Paulson picked up another WIC medal in 2021.

The rest:

11. (14) Ellie Peterson, RS, AHSTW

12. (15) Reagan Garrison, SO, IKM-Manning

13. (16) Becca Cody, JR, Riverside

14. (18) Mya Moss, SR, Logan-Magnolia

15. (19) Bella Boruff, JR, Missouri Valley

16. (20) Ryleigh Thomas, SO, Treynor

17. (21) Kiera Hochstein, JR, Logan-Magnolia

18. (23) Cali Petersen, SR, AHSTW

19. (24) Jada Cohn, SR, Logan-Magnolia

20. (26) Ella Langer, JR, AHSTW


The first number is their ranking among returnees while the number in parentheses is where they finished last year in the WIC meet.

1. (2) Caden Keller, SR, IKM-Manning: The conference’s top finisher is Keller, who helped IKM-Manning to the second team finish.

2. (4) Mason Yochum, SR, Treynor: Another year, another Treynor senior chasing a potential WIC championship. Yochum’s fourth-place finish helped the Cardinals finish fourth as a team.

3. (6) Mason McCready, JR, Riverside: The top junior in the conference, McCready was just six seconds out of a top-five finish.

4. (8) Sean McGee, SR, Tri-Center: Tri-Center finished third as a team last year, and McGee was their best runner in eighth.

5. (9) John Ross Biederman, SR, Treynor: Biederman is another senior Treynor player who could help the Cardinals take a small leap forward this season.

6. (10) Lane Sams, JR, IKM-Manning: A second IKM-Manning returning runner who finished in the top 10 last season. Wolves had a great team last year that fell short of the WIC. Could they be the favorites this year?

7. (11) Eric Duhahek, SR, Riverside: The senior class looks strong, and Duhahek brings depth to this group and is among the best runners in the league this year.

8. (12) Caleb Hatch, JR, AHSTW: A solid breakout campaign for Hatch, who was the Vikings’ top runner last season.

9. (13) Blake Allen, JR, Underwood: Allen is another who doubles as a standout runner and wrestler and was the Eagles’ best guy a year ago.

10. (15) Jacob Hoden, JR, Missouri Valley: The defending champions have lost their top three runners, but Hoden will lead their title defense this fall.

The rest:

11. (17) Nathan Johnson, SR, IKM-Manning

12. (18) Christian Dahir, JR, Tri-Center

13. (20) Adam Meadows, SW, Missouri Valley

14. (22) Caden Geraghty, SO, AHSTW

15. (23) Abe Polzien, SO, IKM-Manning

16. (26) Kyle McDonald, SO, Tri-Center

17. (27) Joel McLaws, SR, IKM-Manning

18. (28) Jack Carley, JR, Treynor

19. (29) Dalton Smith, JR, Riverside

20. (30) Kasche Huehn, SO, IKM-Manning


AHSTW: Knop found his way to state competition in Class 1A and finished 72nd with a time of 22:19.72.

Audubon: Beisswenger finished the season in impressive fashion, qualifying for national competition and finishing 18th in 1A with a time of 20:29.70.

IKM-Manning: Albertsen completed his first fall with a state qualifier, finishing 34th with a time of 21:14.42 in Class 1A.

Logan-Magnolia: The Panthers finished second in the state in Class 1A, led by fifth-place Madison Sporrer in 19:30.84. Hornbeck (54th), Nolting (70th), Hall (75th), Moss (97th) and Hochstein (125th) also gained valuable state experience and are back for Lo-Ma.

Missouri Valley: The Big Reds had just one runner in last year’s state qualifying meet, and junior Bella Boruff is back after finishing 26th at Ridge View.

Riverside: The Bulldogs also got a state qualifier in Becca Cody, who returns for her junior season after an 84th-place finish in the 1A meet.

Treynor: Treynor had a very young team and brought back their five riders from the SQM. Freshmen Ryleigh Thomas and Libby Grell led the way with 33rd and 38th place respectively.

Tri-Center: Quincey Schneckloth finished his freshman season with a solid finish by qualifying for the state and taking 41st place in the 1A state competition.

Underwood: The aforementioned Paulson took 26th place at the 2A State Qualifying Meet at Southeast Valley. She is one of three returning runners for the Eagles in this encounter.


AHSTW: The Vikings’ top runner, Caden Geraghty, finished 35th at Panorama SQM. Another sophomore, Joseph Thornock, also finished in the top 50.

Audubon: With the loss of Jackson Deist, Ely Deist and Mason Stickler are the top runners in the Panorama SQM, ranking 69th and 70th respectively.

IKM-Manning: Caden Keller leads the way for Wolves. He placed 45th in last year’s State 1A meet. Wolves ended up with a team third place at the Panorama SQM, and as we detailed, Keller is not the only returnee.

Logan-Magnolia: The Panthers have two of the Panorama SQM’s top 60 runners back: second Wyatt Grimes and senior Layne Brenden.

Missouri Valley: Cody Gilpin and Brek Boruff both qualified for state and will be tough to replace. Their next two runners at Ridge View SQM also graduated. But yes, we have established that the Big Reds have lost a great senior class. More evidence here.

Riverside: Mason McCready is back after an uplifting state qualifier. He finished 67th in the 1A state race. Eric Duhahek grabbed a 17th place finish and Caleb Stevens was just outside the top 30 at Southwest Valley SQM.

Treynor: Mason Yochum placed in the top-25 at the Southeast Valley SQM while John Ross Biederman finished 37th in the meet.

Tri-Center: Tri-Center also brings back a state qualifier here, with Sean McGee placing 86th in last year’s 1A meet. Christian Dahir will be looking to build on a 16th place finish at SWV SQM.

Underwood: Underwood’s only state qualifier (Bryce Patten) is gone. Blake Allen is the next guy after a top 50 finish at the Southeast Valley SQM.


The dynasty continues? Logan-Magnolia rookie Allysen Johnsen won the WIC junior high school championship last season and could continue to add depth to the Lo-Ma team. AHSTW might be worth watching as they won the junior high tag team title behind top-six incoming freshmen Ava Paulson and Kenna Paulson. Others that might be worth a look:

•Bailey Richardson, Riverside (8th)

• Kayleigh Lopez, Tri-Center (12th)

•Maci Bertelsen, Logan Magnolia (13th)

• Brecken Pierce, Riverside (14th)

•Julia Thomas, Underwood (15th)


The top freshman entering the 2021 WIC junior high school meet is Logan-Magnolia’s Luke Walski, who placed second. Underwood’s Connor Brummett took third place and helped the Eagles win the college WIC title. Tri-Center’s Nic Dahir and Treynor’s Jeyden Jensen were also among the top five. Note: The WIC Champion was Brodie Davis, then a 7th grader, of Lo-Ma. Others to watch out for:

• Keaton Voster, Missouri Valley (6th)

• Jayden Shelton, Underwood (8th)

•Nathaniel Conner, IKM-Manning (11th)

•Shane Tiarks, Underwood (15th)


It sure looks like this thing is pointing to another Logan-Magnolia Championship. It’s amazing how they can continue to develop some of the best talent in the conference and do really well. With more talent on the way, the Panthers look set to make it six in a row.


IKM-Manning returns six of the top 20 runners and then two more in the top 22, so it will be a very deep team that probably has a lot of motivation after finishing second in the WIC last season. They seem to be the favorites. The big question might be: who is second? Treynor, Riverside and Tri-Center all have top 20 returning, so it could be between them.

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