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Mindhunter Season 3 Release Date, Renewal & Plot Updates

In 2017, Netflix released the first season of spirit hunter, consisting of ten episodes. Another season was launched on August 16, 2019. However, in January 2020, Netflix reported that the third season was put on hold indefinitely due to Fincher’s decision to make further productions.

spirit hunter is an American psychological thriller, based on a similarly titled mystery book series. Created by Joe Penhall, the show is set in the late 1970s when the FBI created the Behavioral Sciences Unit, which led to the emergence of criminal profiling.

But when will we see the third season of Spirit hunter? Who are the cast members we will meet in the next series? What could be the expected scenario? The answer to these questions can be found in this article. So stay tuned with us.

release date of spirit hunter season 3

Unfortunately, neither the creators of the show nor the streaming platform have set a specific premiere date for the third season. However, according to reports, David Fincher had a long discussion with Netflix about the third season extension, which did not come to a positive conclusion.

Either way, they concluded their discussion and continued with their choice to continue working on the third season. So, based on our information, we can predict that spirit hunter Season 3 will air in late 2022 or early 2023.

The cast of spirit hunter Season 3

We can expect our main cast to return for another season. It mainly consists of:

  • Jonathan Groff as Holden Ford
  • Holt McCallany as Bill Tench
  • Anna Torv as Wendy Carr
  • Michael Cerveris as Ted Gunn
  • Sonny Valicenti as Dennis Rader
  • Zachary Scott Ross as Brian
  • Stacey Roca as Nancy Tench
  • Lauren Glazier as Kay Manz
  • Joe Tuttle as Gregg Smith

What to expect from the plot of spirit hunter Season 3?

Mindhunter Season 2 ended with the culmination of the Atlanta murders, with Wayne Williams being charged with two of the crimes. The rest is unresolved due to lack of forensic evidence. Bill is afraid that his wife and child will be evicted from their house while he is still there.

BTK’s killer resumes his jaw-dropping actions in the final footage from Season 2’s final episode. Meanwhile, Holden is filled with a sense of self-doubt and despair as he continues to end the family of the murdered person.

From the third season, it could start with the investigation of the killer of BTK. He could appear in flash throughout the series. The third season will get to delve deeper into his case, including ten murders, taunting messages to cops and the media, and his subsequent arrest.

How Fans Are Reacting To Season 3’s Delay Spirit hunter?

Fans don’t seem happy with the delay of Season 3. Their Twitter accounts are clearly expressing their emotion regarding Season 3. A few of them can be seen here: