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Super Bowl 2022 commercials live blog: Don’t miss the best trailers and commercials

The 2022 Super Bowl commercials will – as always – be the Super Bowl of commercials. Yes, it’s the biggest publicity night of the year when the eyes of the world are fixed on the live broadcast of the Super Bowl, and so far? We’ve got all the celebrities selling products you could ask for, including things you’ve never heard of from celebrities you might have thought were above that.

Announced spots include Jim Carrey reprising the role of The Cable Guy for Verizon, Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost facing a superpowered Alexa and Guy Fieri for Bud Light Seltzer Hard Sodas. Oh, and Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd share… a bag of chips. No idea what led to this snacking, but it’s the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl commercials are even bringing big backstage talent, as Squarespace’s big Super Bowl spot will feature Zendaya as directed by Edgar Wright. This place will also feature voice-over narration by Andre 3000, so we’ll all feel so fresh and clean as we consider registering new domains.

And, as we wrote recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger fills in the mighty armor of Zeus in an ad. It’s apparently for BMW’s line of electric cars, and Salma Hayek is joining Hera because a god role in Eternals wasn’t enough.

As for what else to expect? Big movie and TV trailers are sure to have you marking your calendar for reasons to go back to the movies. Marvel is expected to drop Dr. Strange 2 and Moon Knight teasers, and we wonder how much work it will take to explain who Moon Knight is to audiences who haven’t played the hero in fighting games.

Other big projects that could get Super Bowl ads are Pixar’s Lightyear, Jurassic World: Dominion and Bel-Air. The latter debuts on Peacock the same day, so you can skip the rest of the game to see if the Bengals or Rams get away early.

Speaking of the NBCU streaming service, you can watch the Super Bowl on Peacock and see all the ads, or you can turn off all ads with the BBC iPlayer if you’re OK with getting all your Super Bowl ads here. As for the staff of Tom’s Guide? We probably watch the Super Bowl on Sling TV, the cord-cutting service that several staffers picked up last year.

So get ready, throughout the day we’ll be going over some of the best commercials released so far and covering all the trailers and spots during the big game. But our most anticipated ad? We’re hoping for a big promo for The Batman, which is already selling tickets.