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The Bitfinex Pay Merchant Dashboard is here!

The Bitfinex Pay Merchant Dashboard is here!

All traders aim for the continued growth and success of their businesses. To achieve this goal, data analysis and KPI tracking have become an essential part of business operations. Starting with essential payment metrics, we’re building a set of tools to ensure merchants have the overview and control they need. Introducing the Bitfinex Pay Merchant Dashboard V1.0, a flexible management user interface for monitoring day-to-day payment performance: charts, reports, portfolio management and more.

What is the Bitfinex Pay Merchant Dashboard?

The Bitfinex Pay Merchant Dashboard is a back-office interface designed to support our merchants with powerful reports and the information needed to manage their Crypto Gateway. With a clear overview of payment flows, they will be able to track their payment success, adjust balances, manage their portfolios and measure efficiency.

How will merchants benefit from the Bitfinex Pay Merchant Dashboard?

With the Bitfinex Pay Merchant Dashboard, our merchants can:

  • find important data quickly and easily;
  • manage their token balances and wallets;
  • review all their created invoices, status and details;
  • be aware of all the latest information by reading news and blog posts on related topics;
  • monitor and analyze the indicators considered crucial for the success of their online stores;
  • improve the commercial strategies implemented;
  • monitor established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);

What does the Bitfinex Pay Merchant Dashboard look like?

The main dashboard menu and the default screen after login will contain the menu on the left side and will be divided into two modules: Metrics Dashboard and News. The side menu will include the following sections:

  • Dashboard (Quick Metrics + News)
  • Wallets
  • Invoices
  • Reports
  • Database
  • Support
  • Sign out
  • Go to Bitfinex

The Metrics Dashboard is one of the key modules displaying useful information regarding the gross volume in USD, the number of successful payments and expired payments in different time periods (today, week, month, year). All detailed information will be displayed when you hover over one of the data points. With the Metrics Dashboard, all KPIs will be easily accessible and clear at first glance, simplifying the analysis procedure and making the process less time-consuming.

New, in turn, is the module that includes all blogs, articles, tutorials, changelogs, polls and contests related to Bitfinex Pay. Our merchants no longer need to spend time searching for educational, entertaining or topical content. Everything is already together for them, and they just have to come and see.

The Wallets The section shows the wallets of all cryptocurrencies compatible with Bitfinex Pay. With the elements of the Wallet section, it will be much easier for our merchants to process withdrawals, generate a new address for tokens not yet active for payments, with the possibility of generating new addresses on each wallet, visualize the QR code of the token address and see the overview of their balance globally and per token.

The Invoices includes a list of all invoices created by the merchant and key information needed to consolidate payments. With Invoices On the dashboard, merchants will see the status of all invoices created and manage details such as order ID, amount, creation and expiration dates, and customer. Additionally, they will be able to perform various actions on invoices, such as changing their status to Completed or Expired, creating custom invoices and sending them to specific customers. All of these features are implemented to make invoice processing easier and faster at every stage of the process.

Businesses are required to record all of their sales and income, which can take various forms, including receipts and invoices. Thus, an invoice becomes essential for a business owner to maintain a detailed record of sales for purposes such as payment tracking, legal protection, and business analysis. Using invoices can help merchants track their payments, protect against fraudulent lawsuits, and develop effective marketing strategies, by analyzing customer buying habits and identifying trends, popular products, spikes purchase, etc. The Invoice details functionality has been added to the dashboard to allow our merchants to use the data included in an invoice. By clicking on any item in the list of invoices, merchants will be able to access all details of a specific invoice and all available actions. The amount of information displayed will depend on the status of the particular invoice.

Create a manual invoice

Along with giving our merchants all the tools to streamline their invoicing processes, we will also be bringing the manual invoice generator to the dashboard. Using it, users will be able to generate custom invoices without the need to integrate payment on their store by just clicking the “Generate Invoice” button.

If you have any questions or need additional information about the Bitfinex Pay Merchant Dashboard feature, you can visit the Understanding the Bitfinex Pay Merchant Dashboard article or contact our Bitfinex Support. Access it here and improve your workflow using the latest features of the Bitfinex Pay Merchant Dashboard. It has never been so simple!

To discuss Bitfinex Pay Enterprise solutions, or if you would like to share your feedback on the Dashboard or Bitfinex Pay, please contact [email protected].