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Weather blog: Dangerous heat on Thursday, help arrives at the weekend

Heat indexes close to 100° for the 4th consecutive day precede a pleasant arrival for the Father’s Day weekend.

INDIANAPOLIS — We are ending our third straight day of dangerous heat in central Indiana, with heat indices still around 100 degrees.

Additionally, air quality remains in the “unhealthy for sensitive group” range due to an increase in low-level pollutants. These pollutants combine with a layer of Saharan dust to make our skies much hazier today, resulting in a fiery sunset tonight and sunrise Thursday morning.

Much of central Indiana will be in a heat advisory on Thursday with peak heat indexes between 95 and near 100 degrees. Remnants of severe storms above us arrive early Thursday morning in a weakened state, but possibly enough to produce spotty showers and/or thunder.

Much of Thursday will be rainless and we will wait and watch to see if more severe thunderstorms re-form along an approaching border Thursday evening into early Friday morning.

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This front will be what provides refreshing air for the weekend, but not until a rather wet Friday morning with dew points near 70.

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Any lingering Friday morning storms are leaving quickly for a mostly sunny and warm afternoon of highs to mid/upper 80s.

You will feel the wet meter drop Friday afternoon and wake up to dew points in the 40’s Saturday morning which will be much better than what we have endured since Monday.

Dry air leads to comfortable morning temperatures in the 50s this weekend with pleasant seasonal highs near 80s. next week.

A less humid air mass next week means we will have temperatures closer to 100 degrees compared to heat indices near or above 100 this week, as dry air heats and cools more easily than dry air. humid air.

Either way, prepare for another breath of dangerously hot air.

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