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1883 Season 2: will it be released in 2022?

When’s the next chapter in Yellowstone’s origin story?

Yellowstone was a huge hit among fans and to top it all off, fans were treated to a prequel story to the series in the form of another series. Talk about being lucky! The prequel series was named “1883” and first premiered in December 2021. The first season of the series ended with 10 episodes on February 27 this year.

The series has been positively received by fans and critics. And since the end of season 1, fans are nervous about it and wondering when the second season of the series will be released. And is there any chance the second season will drop this year or in early 2023?

Here’s everything we know about it so far:

What is 1883?

1883 predates the events of the popular Yellowstone series and features the story of the early days of the Dutton family when they had nothing and struggled with poverty. The story follows the then poor Dutton family who fled to Texas to overcome their poverty.

The series features the family going on a trip to Montana as they travel the Great Plains in search of better living conditions. Couple Dutton James and Margaret Dutton are played by real-life couples Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

The first season of 1883 was released on Paramount+ and has a total of episodes. It has similar elements to Yellowstone and quickly became a hit, especially for Yellowstone fans.

Is the second season coming?

Yes, the Yellowstone prequel series may have been greenlit for a second season by Paramount+ earlier this year. But here’s the twist, it won’t really be a second season but a series with a whole new name instead, once again.

According to Paramount+, the creators plan to release a series titled 1932 which is dubbed “the next chapter in Yellowstone’s origin story. Now, it seems pretty obvious from the year number in the series name that the events of the series will occur after the events of 1883 but before the events of Yellowstone.

However, Paramount claimed during a presentation to investors that they had plans for more episodes, but they came to a halt. After that, Paramount never said 1883 was renewed for a second season, but said there would be additional episodes and said “1932 will be the continuation of the story of the Duttons. More 1883 has also been ordered but the creation is still being determined”.

1883 season 2 release date

If we speculate on the past events, the filming of 1883 started in August 2021 and ended in January 2022. They released the series before the filming finished. If we consider the same treatment for 1932, we can expect it to drop somewhere by the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.

No official date has yet been confirmed.