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2 hour delay for Highline Public Schools on Mondays

SCHOOLS: 2 hours late for Highline Public Schools on Monday

Just announced by Highline Public Schools: Due to the weather – as all that snow turns to slush – all schools will be 2 hours late tomorrow (Monday January 3). On the district website:

Buses will stop at regular stops – two hours later than normal.

There will be no breakfast, no morning or afternoon classes for preschool and ECEAP, and no morning classes for PSSC. Afternoon classes for PSSC will be on time. All pre-school programs are canceled, including clubs, activities and school daycare. No transportation will be provided to schools outside of our district.

Schools will lay people off at regular times.

Instructions for staff
Staff should report to work as soon as possible. Please use your judgment to determine if it is safe for you to get to work. See an overview of employee expectations in inclement weather on the personnel hub.

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