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2022 NFL Draft: Updated Week Sixteenth Draft Order

All it took was the first return from kickoff for a touchdown in twelve seasons, two Brandin Cooks touchdowns and a partridge in a pear tree for the Texans to beat the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars last weekend. In doing so, your Houston Texans moved away from the first overall choice in the draft next April and gave the Glitter Kitties the key to that choice. Oh, and the Detroit Lions helped by beating a Texans-less Arizona Cardinals shockingly team.

While falling further from the first draft pick looks sad on the surface, as Kenneth predicted last week, it’s actually a good thing. Wait … winning is actually a … winning? In this era of Texan fandom’s Twilight Zone, that hardly seems correct.

Launderer report

Draft order scheduled for NFL 1st round in 2022

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars
  2. Detroit Lions
  3. Houston Texans
  4. New York Jets
  5. New York Giants (via Bear)
  6. New York Giants
  7. Carolina Panthers
  8. New York Jets (via Seahawks)
  9. Atlanta Falcons
  10. Philadelphia Eagles

Now Nick Caserio might play his cards right and find a player who, maybe, just maybe, could somehow try to replace JJ Watt. If it’s possible.

However, based on what Caserio has done so far and his pedigree of making things “The Patriot Way,” he’s much more likely to come back and collect more picks. The impact of Deshaun Watson’s impending trade on all of this is certainly an x-factor, but for now we should expect Caserio to pull out of fifth place which Houston will eventually block.

Speaking of Watson, with the Miami dolphins still rumored as the only Watson team will be would have waived his no-trade clause because, their first choice in the 2022 NFL Draft is currently ranked # 21. That’s hardly appealing in a job involving a franchise quarterback like Watson.

Now, if Watson gave up his clause for a team in the Big Apple, the New York Giants and New JJersey The York Jets currently hold two of the top ten draft picks. If I were the GM of a team in desperate need of a long-term response under center, I would give up both of those picks and land a player like Watson in the blink of an eye. That’s not to say the Giants or Jets general managers, especially a year after Zach Wilson’s draft second overall, agree. Let’s face it, I’m just a blogger, not an NFL front office manager. What do I know?

Another team that Watson has seen their name tied to through it all is the Philadelphia Eagles, who currently own the tenth and twelfth pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. While not as appealing as the fifth and sixth The Giants’ current places, it depends on how those particular GMs seek out Watson’s services.

In the meantime, we should all squat down and count the minutes until the offseason starts. With the Los Angeles Chargers, San Francisco 49ers and Tennessee Not-The-Oilers on the schedule, it’s very likely that Houston won’t win another game under head coach David Culley.

That is to say if Culley’s career in Battle Red lasts beyond next weekend.