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4th Annual Impy Awards kick off – PlayStation.Blog

Each year, the Impy Awards celebrate you, the Dreams community, and all the amazing work you’ve done inside and outside of the Dreamiverse. It’s the absolute highlight of our year to put together a show capturing Dreams’ final year, and that’s exactly what we plan to do with The 4th Annual Impy Awards early next year.

Today we are delighted to announce that nominations for the 4th Annual Impy Awards are now open. This year, you can nominate yourself or your fellow dreamers in one of our 23 categories. These will then be shortlisted and presented to a jury (and in keeping with tradition, a handful will be open to community voting!). You can start submitting applications here.

As for our categories, we like to receive feedback after each Impy Awards and evolve them to better represent all areas of Dreams. This year, it feels like we’ve reached a definitive list! So without further ado, here are the categories for the 4th edition of the Impy Awards:

  • Creator/Team of the Year: This Impy recognizes the creator or team of creators who shone brightest in the Dreamiverse over the past year, with creations that caught the attention of dreamers and left them wanting more.
  • Creation of the year: This Impy rewards an exceptional creation published in the Dreamiverse this year. This cutting-edge creation excels in many areas and creates an incredible experience to be recognized as one of the best in the Dreamiverse.
  • Excellence in Art Direction: This Impy recognizes creation that displays a professional and consistent level of quality and style in its visuals and artistic design.
  • Excellence in Environmental Art: This Impy recognizes Dreams’ strongest environmental art, displaying incredible asset design, world-building, and extraordinary use of lighting and style.
  • Excellence in Storytelling: This Impy recognizes a creation with a compelling narrative, showcasing story and plot development with the utmost skill.
  • Excellence in sculpting: This Impy recognizes a sculpt in the Dreamiverse that is a masterful example of the potential of Dreams’ sculpting tools.
  • Animation Excellence: This Impy recognizes the creation with the most well-done motion display in Dreams, whether it’s a puppet, a short film, or well-crafted game animations.
  • Gameplay Excellence: This Impy recognizes a creation with well-refined and expertly executed game ideas and mechanics, delivering a truly great gaming experience.
  • Most original gameplay: This Impy recognizes a creation that displays truly original and unique game mechanics.
  • Excellence in character design: This Impy recognizes a character from Dreams who is well designed and with a high level of personality and originality.
  • Excellence in audio design: This Impy recognizes a creation with a creative and well-implemented audio design.
  • Excellence in dubbing: This Impy rewards a creator who lent his voice to a high-level creation. This may include, but is not limited to, character voice acting or scene narration.
  • Excellence in Virtual Reality: This Impy recognizes a Dreams VR creation that excels at performing a virtual reality experience and is a shining example of what is possible with Dreams creation and VR tools.
  • Music Track of the Year: This Impy rewards an excellent piece of unique music, composed and created in Dreams.
  • Musician of the Year: This Impy recognizes a Dreams audio creator who has demonstrated an excellent understanding of Dreams audio tools, creating high quality music. This could be, but is not limited to, standalone music or sheet music for games.
  • Community Star: This Impy recognizes an outstanding member of the Dreams community who has gone above and beyond for the community at large. This award can belong to a streamer, curator, podcaster, creator, fansite editor – someone who exemplifies being a champion of Dreams!
  • Most Helpful Dreamer: This Impy recognizes an individual’s contributions to the spread of knowledge throughout the Dreamiverse. Whether through streams, collaborations, in-game tutorials, community conversations, or other works, they’ve helped other dreamers reach their full potential.
  • Community collaboration: This Impy recognizes a community-run event that invites other dreamers to collaborate to create something amazing.
  • Revolutionary Dreamer: This Impy recognizes a Dreamer who joined the Dreamiverse in 2022 and impacted the community and dreams with creations, community contributions, or both!
  • Contribution beyond dreams: This Impy recognizes a community member who shares and celebrates the Dreamiverse outside of Dreams. This can be but not limited to blogging, video creation, streaming and podcasting.
  • Conservation Star: This Impy recognizes the community member with the best collections and contributions to showcasing creations in the Dreamiverse.
  • Innovation in creation: This Impy recognizes a creator or creation that pushes the boundaries of what is possible with Dreams tools, whether by finding a unique application of the tools or developing an original idea that pushes the boundaries of creation.
  • Evolutionary experience: This Impy recognizes a creation in the Dreamiverse that has evolved a lot over the past year, even though it was launched as early as the Dreams beta.

I don’t mean to brag, but we have really cool plans for the 4th Annual Impy Awards. We’re not quite ready to lift them just yet, but stay tuned to our social media channels and in-game messaging to stay up to date on all things Impys! Waiting, go name!