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8 Reasons Millennials Will Love AORN Expo

December 29, 2021
By Renae Wright, DNP, RN, CNOR
Specialist in perioperative practice and proud millennial

The first time I attended the AORN Expo was in Orlando in 2007. I was new to the profession and to the AORN. The week has been a blur of activity. I left feeling energized, connected and ready for the challenges ahead. I’ve been hooked ever since – I come back every year for a super top-up.

I can’t wait to spread the word to my millennial colleagues. Of course, there is a lot we can learn online these days. But there are some things you just can’t do on TikTok.

Here are a few reasons why I love AORN Expo and think you will like it too:

  1. Mentor Relations

AORN Expo nurses really want to support young people! Connecting with nurses who are at different stages of their careers is one of the cornerstones of the conference. Perioperative nurses are committed to developing the profession by mentoring other nurses to better serve their patients.

  1. A strong sense of community

If you are new to the profession, this is your chance to immerse yourself in the perioperative community to foster a sense of belonging that has both short and long term career benefits.

  1. Career path exploration

Thinking of pursuing a master’s degree but not sure what to do with it? Want help negotiating a raise? The AORN Expo Career Center can help you with any career questions you have. There are opportunities to meet 1: 1 with a career coach, update your CV, and meet top recruiters.

  1. Industry Connections

Socializing and learning about the latest surgical products and services in the exhibit hall is an effective way to gain operating room knowledge and be savvy when it comes to purchasing products. Active participation in this process benefits nurses, the operating room team and patients.

  1. Periop Knowledge Download

Increase your exposure to the latest evidence-based surgical procedures and initiatives. Find out about new solutions that other organizations are successfully implementing. Report this information to your own team and raise the bar department-wide.

  1. Discussions on diversity, equity and inclusion

Important conversations that change the way health care is delivered will take place in New Orleans. Interact with like-minded nurses who strive to make their ORs and organizations more diverse, equitable and inclusive. Discover the practical steps to get more involved in progressive patient care.

  1. The local impact

Volunteer activities are planned in New Orleans and charities will be in the Expo lobby to discuss opportunities for surgical nurses. Leave your personal perioperative imprint on our incredibly fun and diverse host city.

  1. The parts

Periop nurses know how to have fun! If you like to dance, there is a party for that. Like music? We are planning a concert. Prefer quieter dinners with chapters – check. There are options for everyone.

It will be an unforgettable week of networking and celebratory experiences. Plan to relax, connect, and have fun with peers around the world. Beyond the benefits for you as an individual nurse, attending AORN Expo helps your teammates engage in the perioperative profession, leading to improved productivity, stronger team cohesion, greater satisfaction. at work and happier nurses overall. See you in New Orleans!