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A decade of Duffel Blog

Dear reader,

Today marks the 10th anniversary of duffel blog. It seems surreal even to write those words.

When I launched duffel blog on March 4, 2012, I thought this would be nothing more than a creative outlet to poke fun at the military life I knew so well after eight years in the Marine Corps. I didn’t have a big plan. I just thought it would be a good idea to start a satirical military news site. It became so much more than I could imagine.

Standing in the smoke pit as a junior marine, I remember laughing with other grunts about stupid things we noticed but had little ability to influence: electrically-triggered first sergeants, the reflective belt policy and the endless safety briefings before a long weekend. Now with duffel blogmilitary men of all persuasions can use satire to poke fun at this military nonsense and also inspire millions of readers to explore deeper national security issues and challenge the status quo within the Department of Defense.

Sure, duffel blog is a humorous satirical news source that pokes fun at mandatory training, ignorant generals, insane Pentagon budgets, ISIS and politicians of all persuasions. But it’s also a community of hundreds of writers from every branch of the military, enlisted and officers, young and old. They are stationed all over the world. Most are anonymous due to military obligations, but you have no doubt read their words and felt their impact.

These talented service members and veterans have been advancing critical national security thinking through satire and clever humor since 2012. And you are one of the millions who have laughed, cried, gasped, laughed some more, helped and supported duffel blog all the way.

To thank you.

Ten years ago, we launched on a humble note by ridiculing the “Chair Force” and enjoyed modest growth by forcing General James Mattis to retire prematurely from Central Command, but our profile has been significantly raised. in February 2013when Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) was duped by a duffel blog article about Guantanamo Bay detainees supposed to receive GI Bill benefits. By the end of the year, duffel blog had been profiled everywhere from The Wall Street Journal for The Washington Postand our audience continued to grow.

Then one day, you discovered us. A co-worker may have sent you a link that led you to believe Justin Bieber was joining the Marine Corps to avoid jail time. Maybe you saw someone wearing a Duffel Blog t-shirt. Or maybe you were outraged that Mitt Romney lost the presidency after the military bulletins arrived a day late. Whatever the reason, we’re glad you’re here.

duffel blog wouldn’t be here without people like you who subscribe to our newsletter, read our publications, to share our work on social networks, discuss in the comments and continue this wonderful experience. We are so touched and honored by your generosity and love.

Paul Szoldra

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Duffel Blog

PS Have you been positively impacted by the Duffel Blog? If so, please hit reply and let me know. It would be great to hear your story!

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