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A gun dealer looking to open in Riverhead is the author of a blog disparaging Jews, black people and praising the founder of the Proud Boys hate group

A firearms executive seeking to open on Elton Street in Riverhead wrote a blog for several years in which he espoused views accusing Jews of controlling Congress, posted racist views about black people, and launched a protest effort. raising money for the legal defense of a member of the Proud Boys after the man had been found guilty of stabbing another man during a political confrontation.

Anthony Niosi, director of Niosi Firearms Development, which proposed a shooting range, firearms training center and gun store at 680 Elton Street, posted the blog “SPQR.Todayfrom December 2011 to September 2017.

Niosi in his blog refers to Proud Boys founder and former leader Gavin McInnes, a supporter of violent extremism, as “one of the essential resources for the thinking right”.

Niosi talks about McInnes, whom he describes in the blog post as “an acquaintance”:

“His articulate defense of traditional values ​​and his success in illuminating the fascist tactics the militant left employs to silence conservatives came at a cost,” Niosi wrote.

In a pitch to donate to “Tommy’s legal defense(September 3, 2017), Niosi calls Tommy Christiansen, the Proud Boys member just convicted in the stabbing incident, one of “mostly anonymous individuals caught up in the emerging violence of the militant left.”

McInnes, co-founder of VICE Media, founded the Proud Boys in the midst of the 2016 presidential election. The Proud Boys describe themselves as “western chauvinists” with an “anti-politically correct” and “anti-white guilt” agenda.

Niosi said in a Thursday night text-messaging interview that he didn’t know McInnes well.

“I only met Gavin once, I guess over six years ago,” Niosi said. “He, his wife, his two daughters and then his infant son visited my house on Dune Rd, WHB. We had been introduced by a mutual friend, and by then I knew him as someone who had been on Fox TV for several years, basically, if memory serves as a comedic commentator,” Niosi wrote in a text. . He called the occasion a “chilling interaction” and said: “I’m not aware of what he’s advocating right now.”

However, he said, “I don’t mean…I’m oblivious to the Proud Boys as part of the zeitgeist.”

In his blog, Niosi called black people “groans about American racism” that “I’ve heard all my life. Barack Obama’s election in 2008 came with ‘a silver lining’ in that “His victory would be to ‘pay for’ the whining…”, he wrote. (“Blue Lives Matter”, July 15, 2016.)

“After a trillion dollars (yes, with a ‘t’) spent on Great Society programs over the past 50 years, the vast majority of black Americans have, fortunately, been given the opportunity to rise to the highest positions. prestigious in our company,” Niosi continued.

“And the dregs then? Activists, dependent multigenerationals, anarchists, nihilists?

“I’m starting to think that skin color is no longer a barrier to getting elected or a multi-million dollar network deal.

“I’m beginning to think the barrier is immersion in ghetto culture, violence, misogyny, rejection of education, and imitation of gang appearance and speech,” Niosi wrote.

He continues, offering advice to “drop the ghetto/gang talk, dress, and attitude” because “America has evolved to the point where the choices of an individual, not the chance of race, will determine his fate. (As written.)

“AnyHowitzer, let’s hope the current situation defuses before self-isolating thugs learn that the locks on our front doors are for their protection, not ours,” he concludes. (As written.)

In a June 29, 2017 article titled “Run…don’t walkNiosi addressed the question of whether a person who crosses the street “while being approached by a black person” to avoid passing by him is racist. Statistics provided by the NYPD show “you shouldn’t cross the street in New York when approached by a black man; they should run,” Niosi wrote, noting that the percentages of those arrested by the NYPD for major violent crimes who are black were disproportionately higher than the percentage of blacks in New York’s population, offering a “logic” that doesn’t does not take other factors into account. , such as the predispositions of arresting officers or the focus on arrests in relation to the crime committed.

Niosi devotes many of his blog posts to discussions of Jews, Israel, and US policy toward Israel and the Middle East. He is an advocate for the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement and calls Zionists and Congress members and the media “Israel’s fifth column”.

He says American Jews have ‘dual loyalties’, meaning they are loyal to Israel as well as the United States

“And not to be outdone, Diaspora Jews have been granted infinite preferential treatment by claiming anti-Semitic threats against their synagogues, schools, businesses, lives and personal property. Almost all of these threats have come to light under false flags with the recent arrest of Mr. Michael Kadar, a Jew with American and Israeli citizenships. (As written.)

Referring to an article by Victor Davis Hanson, Niosi writes: “Jew’s [sic] The problem is that they refuse to assimilate. Paranoid for their safety (even in America, their last best hope), they shun their loyalties and are seen as “internationalists” or “cosmopolitans”. And when bad times inevitably follow good times; as ‘F—ing Treaters’ with divided loyalties.

Niosi said in a text last night that he had ‘no general opinion on any race or religion’. If RiverheadLOCAL’s request for comment on the views it has published on blacks and Jews “is designed to imply bias,” he said, “I will rely on forty years of working with all the ethnicities and religions, including my current business partner. I will freely admit that a reading of some of my polemics clearly illustrates my opposition to any theocratic governance that upsets the opinion of current liberal and academic thought,” he said. he declares.

“You can oppose the actions of a nation without opposing the individual citizens of that nation,” Niosi said.

Michele Lynch, vice president of the Riverhead Anti-Bias Task Force, said today that Niosi’s blog statements should be a red flag for the town of Riverhead.

“Someone making statements like this on a blog is definitely not someone the city should be doing business with — especially this kind of business,” Lynch said.

“These are racist and anti-Semitic thoughts,” she said.

The name of Niosi’s blog itself is associated with the white supremacist movement.

SPQR is an acronym for the Latin phrase “Senatus Populusque Romanus” meaning “The Roman Senate and People”, which in Roman antiquity was a shorthand way of designating the entire Roman state.

“SPQR” has since been adopted by American white supremacist groups as a symbol of their movement. For example, he appeared on flags at the Unite the Right rally in August 2017.

Niosi said he was unaware that “SPQR” had been adopted as a hate symbol by white supremacist groups.

He said he was a lifelong student of Roman history and pointed out that SPQR is the title of a book by classics professor Mary Beard, which he said he was currently reading.

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