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Advocacy for the change of a theater major

I recently entered a poetry contest where I was tasked with writing 21 poems, one for each day of the contest.

Until recently, poetry was one of my least favorite genres to write. When I write, I tend to go straight to the point. I don’t spend a lot of time on imagery, which is what you need in poetry.

However, last year I took a poetry class where the teacher asked us to answer a series of questions. He told us to write each answer on a separate sheet of paper. Then rearrange the slips of paper and use our answers to write a poem. I fell in love with this process and have been using it ever since. I often write interesting thoughts that come to mind and save them for future poems.

The first two poems I wrote for the contest were composed of my answers to questions from The New York Times’ “36 Questions That Lead to Love.” Clearly, a pattern of theater responses began to emerge, but also something else. A series of paper sheets made me fear that my goals might be cut short due to the climate crisis.

I realized how what I wanted out of life might end up not being possible because the world might just not last another 40 years. I decided to write a poem which is my plea for people to realize how serious the climate crisis is, especially for a generation like mine who has future hopes and dreams that just might not be possible. So here it is:

“Major Theater” written by Maddie Davies

Once in an acting class, I played a Russian assassin

so that my classmates were really scared of me.

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Not being able to read sheet music causes more problems in my life than it should.

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I write my diary with the intention that it will be found after my death.

People will think it’s so interesting

they will publish it.

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My goal is to win an Oscar

Because I want to give an acceptance speech that people will remember for years to come.

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Alas, we are heading towards a world end,

too late to change that.

I may never see 50.