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AEW Dynamite Results, Liveblog (October 5, 2022): 3rd Anniversary

Here’s a place to check the results and comment with a new episode of AEW dynamiteairs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on TBS.

Discover our Wednesday Morning Preview Article to catch up on what led up to tonight’s show and what we’re looking forward to.

This week’s episode comes from Entertainment & Sports Arena in Washington, DC. It will feature Daniel Garcia teaming up with his hero Bryan Danielson to take on his mentor Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara, and MJF and Wheeler Yuta revisiting their rivalry as AEW celebrates three years of dynamite. Plus, Hangman Page vs. RUSH, Wardlow defends the TNT title against Brian Cage, Women’s Trios action pitting a Saraya team of Toni Storm, Athena and Willow Nightingale against Dr. Britt Baker’s team of Jaime Hayter, Serena Deeb and Penelope Ford, Darby Allin wrestling Jay Lethal, Luchasaurus in action, NATIONAL SCISSORS DAY, and more!

Come back here at 8 p.m. ET when the dynamite the live blog starts once the show starts on TBS. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Banking on memory, mummified circuits, skin grafts, sputnik sickles found in the seats. Self-destruct sequence, this station is not operational, but me? I’m just here to blog live about this pro wrestling show for you guys.

The show opens with the intro video.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Wheeler YUTA

Friedman ducks under a collar and an elbow, Fargo’s little leg, brushing his shoulder, shrugging when the crowd boos him. The lock works this time, Max puts YUTA in the corner and gets dirty with a right hook which Wheeler dodges! YUTA boots him, whips through, up and down, big arm drags but MJF dodges the dropkick!

Wheeler with his own strut, big dropkick, Olympic Slam, he goes up top but Friedman pulls away! Throw YUTA into the turnbuckles, put boots on him, whip in the corner and Max poses for the crowd! Tie applied, Wheeler gets up, belt, Friedman stamps his foot to free himself!

Jawbreaker, off the ropes, MJF catches him with a backbreaker and a tilt-a-whirl slam… NO! Max is in charge and we’re going to take a break.

Back from the commercial, both men are down and referee Bryce Remsburg issues a standing ten count. Small package for two, exchanges of kicks, YUTA wants an O’Connor roll or a German suplex but MJF gets away with it! Wheeler ducks and hits a first German suplex, a second, hooked, number three connects!

Looking for number four, pumping out his hips, he unloads MJF on the back of his neck! Wheeler shot, high, back elbow, double stomp on the arm! Crossing whip, reversed, big electric bomb kneeling on Friedman’s knee… SO CLOSE! Exchanging slaps, chops, Max spits in YUTA’s eye!

Wheeler cuts him with an enzuigiri, pulling him up, chop, off the ropes, sunset flip, reverse and back, rolling around the ring, neither man getting past a single count! Jackknife gets YUTA two, fights a backslide attempt, Tombstone reversals, victory roll, two, reversals on those too, Max crosses his legs but can’t hold it back!

Double lariats, both men down and out! Remsburg publishing his count, up to six, seven, eight, nine, the two men standing! Jockey to position himself in the turnbuckles, a small yambag Yahtzee per Taz, Max takes it over his shoulder and grabs it but Wheeler blocks the avalanche piledriver with his legs!

Scratch Max’s face, step on the rope… AVALANCHE FRANKENSTEINER! Friedman on the ground, Wheeler throws him back inside, perched, Max flips the bird, diving into the splash… NOT ENOUGH! Salt of the Earth applied, YUTA nearly gets the ropes so MJF repositions him, bridging him…

Maxwell Jacob Friedman wins by submission with a Salt of the Earth bridge.

After the match, Wheeler spins Max around and offers him a hand! Friedman struggles with the idea and Lee Moriarty attacks YUTA from behind! MJF berates Lee for attacking and Stokely Hathaway appears with the Dynamite Diamond Ring! Friedman takes the ring but looks conflicted as Moriarty holds YUTA!

William Regal leaves a comment, the old villain, and puts brass knuckles as he approaches the ring and confronts Max as the crowd chants “you screwed up” at MJF. Friedman tucks his tail in and runs away!

We get a video package building up tonight’s tag team main event.

Jericho Appreciation Society are behind the scenes.

They cut a promo on Daniel Garcia, scolding him for being disrespectful and rejecting the gift of a Chris Jericho hat (which Jake Hager wears and says he actually likes) and Y2J says he’s going to teach a few lessons and Daniel better make the right decision or they’ll make him regret it.

Darby Allin vs. Jay Lethal

Circling, Lethal with a go-behind, standing switches, dead end! On the mat, Allin with a lateral headlock, he does not let go, turning on the pyrotechnics, and once again they get bogged down after a dodged crossbody springboard! Whip through, up and down, monkey flip, monkey flip, referee Paul Turner is nearly wiped out and Jay takes control!

Work the knee with stomps, whip and Darby crashes! Playing opossum he appears in a guillotine choke, Lethal rises, elbows to thighs, floats above, Allin’s reverse DDT! Cover up for two and we’re off to the break!

Back from the commercial, Lethal in control, putting Allin on top and beating him down, the avalanche dragon screw sets up the figure four leglock! Moving away, bypassing the Lethal Injection, Yoshi Tonic connects…SO CLOSE! Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh arrive on stage, trading pinning issues…

Darby Allin wins by pinfall with the Last Supper.

After the match, Jay Lethal shakes Darby’s hand and walks out, Dutt and Singh behind him and talking excitedly.

We receive a video package on Prince Nana and the Embassy.

Brian Cage vs. Wardlow (c) (AEW TNT Championship)

Cage shoving him into the corner, shoulder strikes, a feint tiger kick countered into a World’s Strongest Slam and Wardlow gets back at it. Brian pulls out a spinebuster in return and we’re going to smash!

Back from the commercial, Wardlow with a senton atomico corkscrew springboard, followed by a German suplex, another, belly to belly suplex, Cage almost comes back with Drill Claw but eats a spinebuster for two! Brian puts out the invisible cigarette but Mr. Mayhem pops up and hits a headbutt and a lasso!

The straps are down, powerbomb connects! Another, the symphony agrees, a few others…

Wardlow wins via pinfall with the Powerbomb Symphony to retain the AEW TNT Championship.

After the match, the rest of the Embassy attacks and defeats Wardlow! Samoa Joe makes the save!

FTR join the fray to scare them away!

And so we’re going to take a break.

Back from the commercial we get footage from earlier today of Dr. Britt Baker, DMD telling us the answer is no, Saraya won’t wrestle in AEW, she hasn’t been medically cleared, so let’s ship her in bubble wrap and send her on her way.

So that makes it his home now, right?

Athena, Toni Storm and Willow Nightingale vs. Jamie Hayter, Penelope Ford and Serena Deeb

Athena and Ford to start, a little back and forth, the fallen goddess trips her, follows her with a dropkick, whip to the corner, up, boot connects, crossbody knocked down in a Powerslam. . NOPE ! Deeb in, Athena takes her out with a springboard crossbody and tag Storm in!

Shotgun dropkick from the champion, big hip toss, throwing hip attacks, Hayter tries to get in for Toni to clear her but it opens her up for a block of professor chops as we go to break!

Back from the commercial, Deeb controls Storm but Toni gets a bunch of right hands. A reverse dragon screw cuts it, Serena clears the apron, Indian Deathlock applies, Athena and Willow enter and they are both suplexed! Legal Nightingale and Hayter, Willow with a big spinebuster but Deeb breaks it up!

Nightingale in the ropes, Rebel takes a crutch but Saraya takes it and scares her away! Small package for two, behind, off the ropes, a huge leap takes Deeb off and Willow gets horny! Ford in it, Scorpion Kick, Athena with a fancy Codebreaker, Serena with a spear, Storm with a dropkick, Hayter with a Rock Bottom backbreaker, Willow lands a superkick!

Escape the Matrix in an Ace Crusher… NIGHTINGALE LANCE! Willow comes back to him…

Athena, Toni Storm and Willow Nightingale won by pinfall with a Nightingale Doctor Bomb on Penelope Ford.