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Alder Pest Control updates website with expanded service information and updated blog

BELLA VISTA, February 2022 – The Alder Pest Control management team is pleased to announce the launch of the company’s new and improved website and expanded services menu.

To ensure its customers always have access to the most up-to-date information on its services, including termite, mosquito and ant control, Alder Pest Control recently commissioned a redesign of its website. This new and improved digital presence brings additional information about the company’s residential and commercial pest control options. Another new review is the company’s blog, which features seasonal information on everything from effective rodent control tactics to information about termite season.

Here are some examples of expanded information now found on the site:

  • Rodent control. Mice and rats can cause serious health problems for families, as well as damage to homes and property. Rodent control services can help rid homes of these nuisances so homeowners can go to bed each night knowing they won’t be woken by the sound of scratching in the walls. The site can also offer advice on how to deter and clean up after these pests.
  • Spider control. Northwest Arkansas has only a few spiders that can do real damage. If homeowners spot a brown recluse or black widow spider, they might be tempted to strike a match, but they are advised not to go to that extreme to keep the home spider-free. Alder’s certified technicians can help homeowners better understand which spiders are safe and issue an eviction notice to those that are not.
  • Mosquito control. Mosquitoes are a pain for everyone, and they can make it difficult to enjoy your outdoor spaces. However, some people are highly allergic to compounds in mosquito saliva, which are released into the body when a female mosquito bites. Alder Pest Control offers a complete mosquito control package that can eliminate up to 90% of these potential health risks.
  • Fly control. If anyone has just visited northwest Arkansas, they already know that flies can get worse in the spring, summer, and fall. The new website allows homeowners to quickly schedule an inspection and speak to a fly control expert.
  • Ant control. Ants are unwanted and invasive pests, but Alder Pest Control can find where they’re coming from and keep them out.

Quarterly termite and pest control

Termites love the humidity of northwest Arkansas and can live in a home without the homeowner even knowing about it. Alder Pest Control has termite experts who can rid any home of these wood-boring insects. Ask about quarterly residential pest control services and a termite protection plan.

Inside, pest control maintenance services give homeowners year-round peace of mind. The quarterly pest control comes with a guarantee and, above all, free retreatments if necessary. By bringing someone in once per season, owners can interrupt breeding cycles to further reduce insect activity. In the Northwest Arkansas region, a quarterly pest control program includes thorough outdoor spraying and identification and treatment of all entry points. Garage doors, utility pipes, windows and eaves are sprayed and treated with long-lasting residual dust. A pest control professional will also clean the exterior of the house of wasp nests and spiders. Each treatment also includes an alternate food source to further deter insect entry.

Owner Jared Alder invites everyone to visit the new and improved website ( for more information on common pests and ways to keep them at bay.

Alder Pest Control offers pest control services throughout Northwest Arkansas. Conveniently located in Bella Vista, Alder Pest Control is open six days a week and offers a range of services to home and business owners looking to get rid of mosquitoes, ants, rodents and other nuisances of all properties.

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