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Amazon Live Blog Launch: Alexa, Ring, Echo, Fire and More Gadgets Coming Soon

If you’re a big fan of Amazon products, like Ring, Echo, Alexa, Fire, Halo, Kindle or any of the online retail giant’s many other sub-brands, today is going to be a big day. for you.

At 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. BST, or 2 a.m. AEST tomorrow if you’re in Australia, Amazon is hosting its big annual product launch — judging by previous years, we’re likely to see a deluge of new products.

New gadgets in the Echo family of smart home hubs, the Ring line of smart cameras, the Fire line of TVs and tablets, the Halo series of fitness trackers and possibly the Kindle line of e-readers could appear. We also often see weirder devices, like the Astro robot or the Echo Loop smart ring, and software like the Halo subscription and game streaming service Luna.

It’s going to be an exceptional event filled with both serious and very strange gadgets, and judging by previous events, we could see up to two hours of new device information.

Amazon could also be trying to drum up excitement for “Prime Day 2,” as it’s called, a pre-Black Friday sales event that kicks off Oct. 11. Some of the products we’re about to see could get discounts if they launched on time.

Whether you’re just interested in the new speakers or home hubs on offer from Amazon, or want to see all the weird and wacky new gadgets that will pop up, we’ve got you covered.

TechRadar will follow the launch event and experts from all product categories will follow to give you top-notch insight. So, in the preparation, during and after the event, you can use this live blog to stay up to date.

Plus, expect expert analysis in spinoffs and opinion pieces as well, so check back to TechRadar throughout the day for our ratings.