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And then came Omicron | The daily blog

Sooooooo despite the death sect capitalists screaming that she would not kill for the economy and the Maori party claiming ‘genocide’ and the madmen of Qanon, the ZB troll farm and woke public health madmen screaming all no – Jacinda’s 90% goal saved us from Delta.

But then came the omicron.

How ironic for a DJ to spoil the New Year!

Jacinda had her political reputation based on something as tragically insignificant as a good old-fashioned Kiwi Christmas experience as payment in Auckland for accepting a de facto house arrest for 4 months, she rewarded us with this while crushing Delta, but here is Omicron.

There are a lot of questions about this.

A test on Day 9 after landing on December 17th would have given a result on the 25th, but it only got the results on the 27th, so there will be questions about the staff on vacation that were raised by Ian Taylor before. Christmas break and the possibility that the DJ will contract her after his 7 days at MIQ cannot yet be ruled out.

If his 2-day stay in Auckland turns out to be a super spreader event, we won’t see him until the first and second week of January.

As for the new variant itself, while the symptoms of double vaxxed seem milder, children and the elderly remain open questions. At 70% more contagious than Delta, Omicron could easily overwhelm our hospitals, but we hope our high rate of double vaxx will help alleviate it.

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Jacinda has promised to protect us from Delta and give us Christmas, Omicron during the summer is a whole different matter, however.

The anti-axx freaks will radicalize about it and the tourism and hospitality industry will go mad.

Enjoy your New Year because 2022 promises to be just as cut off.