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Apple is rolling out a redesigned subscriptions interface for iOS

According MacRumorsApple is rolling out a redesigned subscription management interface in Settings > Profile > Subscriptions on iPhone and iPad. We can confirm that we are seeing this in Canada as well.

The update cleans up the interface, adds spacing between each subscription, and makes it easier to distinguish between active and inactive subscriptions. It also brings the Subscriptions User interface more in line with the rest of the Settings app for a simpler, more streamlined experience.

Activating a subscription provides details of the subscription price and renewal date, and the interface provides options to resubscribe to an expired subscription. Renewal buttons are bigger than before, as are cancel buttons and options to change subscription plans for services like Apple One, Apple TV, and Apple Music.

The revamped design is available on iOS 15.5 and later. iOS 16, which is currently in beta and is expected to be released publicly in the fall, also has it.

Users do not need to update their devices to get the new interface. Subscriptions was always served as a web view, so an update had to be pushed from Apple’s side.

Apple is currently focusing in particular on improving and expanding its Services business, which includes the App Store, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple One and Apple Music. Analysts believe this will be one of the highest growth areas for the company over the next few years.