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At the mercy of science, technology and the media

There are no positive effects of the COVID-19 emergency. In fact, the virus leaves a sea of ​​death, desolation, anger, sadness, pain, anxiety, resentment and hostility. However, one aspect emerges in which we must have learned something during these terrifying years: The importance of technology. There is no point in hiding behind a finger. It is completely absurd to cling to the old preconceptions that one can live well even without them. This is no longer the case. Man is totally dependent on artificial devices and cannot do without them. Since our grandparents were there, or even our parents’ youth, reality has changed completely. I’m a little over 30, so I’m talking about the decade between 1970 and 1980 or even the next decade. It is impressive how quickly these systems are constantly updated and more and more widespread. Time passes and they cut into a larger slice of life. Especially at this time I don’t want the comparison to be misinterpreted, but it’s like an epidemic: if you don’t end it, The human-machine link is growing exponentially and process control is increasingly coming to the fore. is it bad? not necessarily. It depends on how the case is handled. The devices, in fact, were created by human genius. They are in our hands. We have to use it in the most appropriate way.

on the fact, Science and technology must serve man. not the other. I think we are living in a period of transition. The tools are there and at our disposal, but we cannot use them to the maximum. To achieve this goal, one must first become familiar with what has been written so far. It’s like a disease. As long as the individual does not realize the problem, or does not recognize its existence, he will not be able to cure it. I intend to repeat it for the thousandth time. You can’t live without an artificial support device.
Do you know the closure? Hassan! It’s a condition we never wish to go through again, but it has put us in front of clear evidence. What would have happened if the virus had crashed to the ground 20 years ago? Again, you need to be upfront and honest. Without the technology to support us, the drama would have been much more complicated. I’m not just talking about medical help, but also the things that support a normal existence. The Internet, television and constant information had their eyes riveted on reality and communication with loved ones. Christmas dinner with appliances is something we won’t be saying again because it certainly wasn’t the perfect situation. In fact, they were morally devastating. However, instead of nothing … so we have to see our relatives and friends.
Imagine, and someone surely experienced it too, that you experienced this period in solitude. Think about those who unfortunately fell victim to an infection, but luckily overcame it in a positive way. The computer, the tablet and the smartphone are his salvation. Every now and then I hear him say that these are “evil” tools. It’s quite the opposite. It is a matter of ingenious blessing, but you have to know how to manage it.
And what about work? Intelligent action must be amplified. We must rely on this new professional model. This saves time and money and avoids the multiplication of risks. Sometimes it is paradoxical to think about how to create an institution similar to motherhood or fatherhood, and now the problem can be reduced through the use of this case. Imagine parents working from home to take turns looking after their dogs. Nature says it too. Each animal grows up with its mother. There is no point in saying that there are grandparents, schools, babysitters, or similar forms of “addiction”. The child needs its creator, and thanks to homework this need can be largely satisfied.
Why does a person live his life as a passenger when technology allows him to lend his professional activity as he sees fit? It is a ridiculous waste. Why is it necessary to design limits on pollutant emissions when the reduction can occur naturally by spending more time at home?

The weather forecast shows that in the area where I live there will be heavy snowfall in the coming days. What is the real problem? If in the past we first wondered how to get to the workplace and in particular thought of street cleaning, today the attention is, even in this case, towards technology. Obviously this cannot be said in all professions because if you are a salesperson you cannot even consider working from home. But a large part of the professions can resolve the situation by staying in the office, in the kitchen, in the living room or even in the bedroom using the web and electricity. These, however, must withstand impact. the low! This is the second step. After realizing the importance of science and technology, it is necessary to be able to improve its use. In 2021, it is unreasonable to think about depriving yourself of electricity. You cannot resort to candles or other alternatives which, until a few years ago, would have been a solution to what was considered a nuisance. Can you resist even for a short time without heating, hot water and even the ability to cook more often? I really don’t think so! This is not the man who has changed in decades. The situation has changed and the world circulating at a speed of 3000 per hour has added to the single block, causing a gap between the parties, and therefore difficult to bridge. Staying informed is essential not because you are dealing with a selfish or frivolous human being, but because if Tezio misses a certain email or does not respond to a date, he may end up in a big way later. difficulty. Would it be appropriate to “calm down” and slow down or accept reality and improve the technology? I firmly believe in the second premise. We cannot accept that atmospheric events “disturb” people’s lives. Humans should not be placed in the position of having to organize their existence according to weather conditions or the place in which they find themselves. We have to wake up and understand that this is nonsense. The web, for example, is now essential. Think about the father. it should work everywhere! Finally, there is the question of cost. The price of these goods should be reduced. As they are more and more essential, they should not be a luxury. It is therefore essential that they be accessible to all. You know the drugs that save lives. There are people who have to take an anesthetic for the rest of their life and it comes at a very low cost. It should therefore be the same for the techniques, at least the most basic. Think of bread or rice. They are some of the most consumed foods on the planet, and in fact, you don’t have to swoon to buy them. Here, this passage is also necessary. Therefore, we find ourselves in a very difficult situation precisely because it is necessary to implement further steps in order to be able to truly master science and technology.

What role do the media play in this reality? Well … it’s necessary. We were talking about Fourth. In fact, I think they have such an important task that they turn out to be a subtle and unintentional exit. Come to think of it, a very high percentage of the information you receive comes from these tools without you being able to confirm it personally. From the Serie :I’m like Saint Thomas, I think about it when I put my nose to itHere it is impossible. I want to suggest a very trivial example. When you watch the game, you have the full right to decide whether what the reporter or blogger or reporter is saying is appropriate to the way we watch the game and how it is interpreted. However, when we listen to a newsletter and are told what is going on inside the cabinet, it is imperative that we take our word for it. It’s hard. I know that. It is precisely for this reason that I am absolutely convinced that the information professions must have a strict code of ethics. I am not talking about concrete rules because our conscience, unfortunately, is often much stronger than the normative dictation. I don’t mean to say that the laws are just a sign or are not followed, but it is clear that if Tizio is satisfied with the validity of the judgment, he will follow it more carefully. The confidence of the people who They comment on the lips of the web, television or radio and I think that after such a terrible emergency, an important analysis of the situation should be made because, unfortunately, the coronavirus has raised a lot of dust from under the bed. fake news That they needlessly caused human suffering or deceived them is totally unacceptable.
Finally, then, I vigorously noticed a fact which was perhaps already quite evident. Yet it seems to me that he made a clear appearance during this last sad period. I think we are becoming more and more aware of how sad news attracts clicks. It is as if man was created for negativity. Now, if you open a website, blog, or any other source of information, even the most famous, you will notice the greatest amount of ruin. I think so far we’ve come close to shielding against bad news and continuing to read tragedy after tragedy with the same indifference we use for a cup of coffee. It is really sad and even worse to think that there are people who are blessed with such ups and downs.. This fungal victim feeds adversity so much that the elephant pulls it away from the ant.
It’s automatic. If Tizio continues to inflate the balloon which is already at the maximum, he will explode it. By continuing to pour fuel on the fire of pessimism, chaos arises and this condition certainly does not facilitate the search for solutions.. However, the fault is not confined to those who make the news, but falls almost exclusively to those who read it. It is indeed he who tends to hear the ugly in order to satisfy and no one knows what cosmic sadness is, as if anguish and the fact of being totally at the mercy of events aroused in him a strange lust. ..
The example is simple. One day, I received a notice that the parishioners in the place where I live were sending with a very large rhythm. mentioned on the first pageIn the photos are four beautiful faces of newborns from the region. It’s great and perfectly healthy. However, over time more and more people have died in the surrounding area. Have you ever seen open, for-profit media like this? Little Copernican Revolution.