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Bedroom Producers Blog Releases Free Vintage Dirty LA Compressor

Bedroom Producers Blog Releases Free Vintage Dirty LA Compressor

Bedroom Producers Blog has released a new vintage limiter amplifier plugin for producers of all skill levels to download for free. The new compressor can be accessed on the company’s website and is available in VST3 and AU formats for iOS and Windows users.

With the release of the new plugin, Bedroom Producers Blog is offering producers the opportunity to pick up a solid vintage-style compressor in the new Dirty LA plugin. Despite its free price (with the option to donate to the organization when downloading), the compressor is a powerful tool, ideal for working on anything from vocals to percussion, even on a mastering chain. Although the new plugin is not modeled after any specific hardware, it was created with the intention of emulating multiple compressors and using algorithms that will provide the most accurate and smooth processing. As for the compressor’s actual functions, it’s tuned to deliver “relatively fast attack time and moderate compression ratio”, although it also offers a limiter mode which provides “faster attack time and moderate compression ratio”. higher compression”. The Peak Reduction knob controls the amount of compression applied to the signal while creators can use the Output knob to match the gain to the dry signal.

With the unique algorithm contained in its DIRT algorithm, it “provides smooth saturation that amplifies and warms the signal while gently taming transients”. DIRTY mode will add warmth to transients and the mix, but when a smoother, more transparent result is needed, the saturation feature can be turned off. The Dirty LA also functions as a parallel compressor, meaning that using the Mix knob will allow producers to adjust the dry signal to the amount of compressed signal, allowing for the creation of New York style compression on the battery. Check out the Bedroom Producers blog intro video below and download the free plugin now.

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