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Behringer RS-9: the Eurorack drum sequencer module is coming to an end

Image credit: Behringer

The Behringer RS-9 Eurorack module has its roots in the Behringer RD-9 sequencing engine. Now Behringer previews the Eurorack drum sequencer module and gives us an update.

Behringer first pitched the idea of ​​the RS-9 Eurorack module back in November 2020. After speculating that it would become a thing, it looks like it will now. Behringer says they need time to complete the mod and test it, but they suggested a target price of $149, deposits Equipment News.

Behringer RS-9 Drum Sequencer

The RS-9 Drum Sequencer does not contain any of the RD-9 Drum Voices because it is a drum sequencer and not a drum machine. Therefore, Behringer has created a module into which you can plug drum and percussion modules.

Comparing the new photos with rendered images tells us that they have made some changes. But it looks like Behringer wants to keep both buttons and functions as they are in the RD-9. Therefore, they need more space and so they moved the mark to the top of the interface. Additionally, Behringer has added a manual trigger button.

Image credit: Behringer

A total of 10 trigger outputs, in addition to Accent, Sync In/Out, MIDI In/Out on big 5 DIN pins and USB are found on the hardware. Additionally, you will find a CV input and a Reset input. And according to Behringer, the buttons are also used to trigger channels manually – not just sequencing! So I think of you could use it as a drum machine; provided that drum modules are connected to it for a sound source.

There are many similarities between the original Behringer RS-9 render image and the new model.  For example, the mark is now at the top due to the need for space at the bottom.
Image credit: Behringer

Because Behringer invites comments on the Facebook post, many people gave their opinions. For example, some people have suggested that the buttons found on the RD-9 console can often be slightly stiff. So they hope the RS-9 buttons will be a bit lighter.

Don’t forget to check out the Behringer Facebook post! for you.