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Binghamton Holiday Gift Guide 2021 – Blog

Posted by Madeline Loiaconi on December 15, 2021

With the holidays just around the corner, finding the perfect gift can be difficult. Whether you are looking for food, a book, or an antique, many Binghamton alumni have started businesses that can certainly help with your holiday gift shopping. Find a special gift for a loved one or find your new favorite movie this holiday season with a gift guide made entirely by notable Binghamton alumni.

Buy unusual products

Between handmade toys and ornaments, woven scarves and beautiful jewelry, “Uncommon Goods”, a unique online retailer founded by David Botolotsky ’85, has the perfect gift for everyone. You can even find the cutest sweater for your dog! Don’t forget to add this site to your list while shopping for gifts.

Send someone waffles

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Who doesn’t want Belgian waffles during the holiday season? Binghamton alumni Ilene Friedman and Keegan Bailey ’06 have made their careers entirely in making homemade waffles. With over half of their ingredients locally in the Albany, NY area, Send Me Waffles tastes much fresher than your average Eggo. Your friends will love you very much if you give them this for the holidays.

Have a vegan lunch

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Is eating less meat part of your New Year’s resolutions? With Sara Liu ’06 and Lei Liu ’04 and their vegan restaurant, Parlor City Vegan, based right here in Binghamton, you can make this a reality. Whether you fancy a soup and a salad or a burgers and a milkshake, this restaurant has it all in local and plant-based produce! If you have a vegan friend, taking them out for a meal can be the perfect holiday gift.

Find your new makeup look

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Looking for the perfect beauty product? Binghamton alumnus Maureen Kelly ’96 has a full line of cruelty-free cosmetics to choose from. With a successful vegan concealer and various vegan skin care products, Tarte Cosmetics has the perfect product for everyone. If you’re shopping for a makeup guru this holiday season, be sure to take a look at this line of cosmetics.

Treat yourself with handmade soap

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Aren’t you missing the internet fashion of soap carving? Tammy Burger of Decker College made a career out of it. She learned her craft on YouTube and now has a range of bar soaps, including special scents for the holiday season. To top it off, the Burger’s range is completely environmentally friendly; Simplify soap, shampoo and conditioner are wrapped in a biodegradable film.

Be active

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Are you or a loved one looking for a way to become more active in the New Year? Soul Cycle, co-founded by Julie Rice ’92, is the perfect way to exercise while having fun. Instead of starting the New Year with a gym membership you’ll never use, Soul Cycle offers the perfect alternative workout you can do at home on a bike or in a studio. It is the perfect way to support your partner in their fitness resolution.

Give a Binghamton Book

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If you’re looking for gifts for a bookworm, Binghamton Alumni are the place to turn, with hundreds of authors published in all kinds of genres. Peter Guttman ’76 has written several books on his travel experiences, including the bestseller By the sea: a photographic journey around the blue planet. Anita Diamant ’75 has an impressive collection of non-fiction Jewish literature, as well as successful fiction novels such as The red tent, a story about Dinah, a minor character from the book of Genesis. Binghamton alumni are also fond of science fiction, based on the novel by Eugene Bryan ’11 and Joseph D’Urso ’11 Etherverse, which they started at Binghamton University, at Adrianne Finlay, MA ’99. Doctorate ’05 Your one and only, a thriller where humans are replaced by clones. The options are endless! Check out the full list of Binghamton alumni authors and their publications.

Whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one or just need a way to pass the time, Binghamton alumni are the place to find ideas for this holiday season.

Madeline Loiaconi is a student at Binghamton University, majoring in English Literature, Creative Writing and Film. On campus, she is a member of the Alpha Phi Omega Community Service Fraternity and a content creator on Binghamton’s TikTok account.

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