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Black History Month Reading List: Mic Carter | Blog

Mic created this special playlist for us this week, and we also asked them some questions below. We’re mega fans of the brand, the clothes, the ethos, and the designer, so we’re giddy for this one, just like we were last week with Jelz

1. What do the songs you have chosen in this playlist mean to you? Or, how did you put together this collection of songs?

I think these songs are important for several reasons.

A few of them are tracks that my twin brother Antifrantik created for past L’Uomo Strano presentations, so they particularly take me back to important creative and collaborative moments. Then I also included songs that feel like love letters from friends, tracks that left a meaningful imprint on me because they were so cherished by those I love. The rest of the playlist is a poppy amalgamation of Drag Race bops, K-Pop staples, and nostalgic anthems banging during morning gym sessions.

2. Who is one of your black queer heroes in your life?

Excellent question. I would say first and foremost that I look up to so many amazing black queer creators in our city, especially those I’ve had the honor of collaborating with; the diversity of their innovation and the dynamism of their vision amazes me, humbles me and constantly encourages me throughout my own creative processes. I think out of town, I’m completely enthralled by the black queer excellence of Jeremy O’Harris, especially how he merges fashion with storytelling, theatre, camp and new media.