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Blog: Denial is my coping mechanism and it works for me (10/11/22)

When big changes happen, like people leaving or people you’ve worked with for over a year leaving, I tend to stay firmly in denial until the last minute, until that I must absolutely accept it and move from ignorance of their impending absence to disappearance. them horribly.

Sigh. It is now.

Madison’s last day is Friday November 11th and I miss her already. You know how you don’t fully appreciate something or someone until they’re gone or gone? She’s not gone yet, but she will be very soon.

It’s all his fault that I feel like this, all his fault for being such a sweet little prick who never says a mean word, listens to constructive criticism without taking it personally, is always ready to undertake any necessary task and offers everyone she meets a smile and unconditional acceptance. What a moron, right?

She’s come so far from the sweet but brilliant creative writer she was when she started. Now she can spot an Oxford comma from a mile away and knows how to write a little headline, which is gold to me. She no longer uses TOO MANY WORDS and writes like a journalist rather than an author.

She was my friend, my companion during a scary stay with the Shawnees, my co-recipient of the award, both for the written word and the painted pumpkin and the most reliable little fetus (I love to call her so because she’s so young compared to me) a boss could ever hope to lead.

She gets along with everyone, has a soft heart for animals, and does everything I hate on Facebook. She created a poll for the newspaper and revamped the entertainment page all by herself.

All that AND his desk is still annoyingly tidy, unlike the tsunami of paper that usually decorates mine.

My consolation is that in the future I will be working with Savannah Boone. Yes, LA Savannah Boone, whom I always wanted to hire and who shattered my dreams by quitting journalism after graduating from nursing school.

She would make a great nurse, I agree, but I’m so thankful that she decided it wasn’t her cup of tea after all. She is a wonderful addition to the team, and I see greatness in her future in journalism.

But back to my tragedy.

I’m gonna miss you, Madison, really. I wish you success, I wish you love and I wish you happiness. Being the YOU that you are, I know you will find all three at the next turning point in your life. Good leads, Cupcake.

Patti is the editor of the Greene County Daily World. She loves kitties, chocolate anything and watch X-Files

or the living dead. If you want to share a story (or chocolate) or just make a friend, she can be contacted at [email protected].