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Blog: Feeling 100° ahead of a stellar weekend

We’re upping the ante today as we’re going to challenge record high temperatures – luckily this big heat is short-lived and won’t reach over the weekend. In fact, the weekend gets cooler for summer standards!

A spicy sunrise for a spicy day

Morning clouds give way to sunshine around lunchtime, and once the sun rises all bets are off as temperatures will climb into the 90s. Heat index values ​​will be close to 100° for most of the afternoon – hydrate accordingly and stay cool! We will also challenge a temperature record of 97° set back on this date in 1945.

Feeling 100° for most of the afternoon.

Fortunately, this heat is short-lived and confined only for the day, as a cool front will creep into the area later tonight. Now this limit, combined with the heat and humidity of the day, will trigger a few showers and thunderstorms in the evening – think closer to dinner time/sunset. Some of them will be strong to severe so be sure to stay aware of the weather. The destructive wind would be the main threat.

A few thunderstorms this evening could give a hard time.

Behind this boundary comes a refreshing breeze to provide an absolutely splendid weekend of weather. The breeze will blow at over 20 mph on Saturday and Sunday at times, but it’s pumping in dry air, so we’ll ditch the humidity. The tops will hold either side of 80° with nothing but sunshine, get out there and enjoy!

Humidity becomes non-existent this weekend.

We will maintain this trend through Monday, but as high pressure builds in the central United States, the heat will return to Hampton Roads. Temperatures are expected to climb back nearly 90° by Tuesday next week, the chance of rain is also expected to remain fairly low for most of the week.

Stay hydrated, beat the heat, and keep an eye out for thunderstorms tonight!

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro