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Blog: Heat advisory today. Stay hot for a while.

Most of the area warmed to the low 90s yesterday. However, Norfolk only reached the upper 80s when a sea breeze set in.

High temperatures yesterday

Heat index increased by around 100 for many. Today, temperatures and humidity will increase. We have a warm front to the north with an increasing breeze from the southwest.

Regional weather map

We will have plenty of sunshine this morning with a few more clouds this afternoon. High temperatures will reach the mid-90s over most of the region. The heat index will go up to 99 to 106 degrees.

Heat Index Forecast

With the heat index reaching around 105, heat advisories are posted for much of the viewing area. They operate from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Heat Notice

At least there will be a slight breeze. So that will help a bit. Be sure to stay hydrated and take shade breaks. There will be a few showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. They will be the typical summer variety. So a (couple) of showers are possible.

We will have similar weather tomorrow. High temperatures will be in the low-mid 90s. The heat index will be above 100 for the most part. We will be partly cloudy with a few showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Meanwhile, actual high temperatures will again be in the 100s over the central United States.

Expected weather tomorrow

There won’t be much of a time difference until early next week for us. High temperatures will remain in the 90s. The heat index will be near or above 100. We will have isolated to scattered PM showers and thunderstorms, but no washing off. Long-range models hint at a brief cooling around the middle of next week. We will see.

This recent extreme heat is a signal of climate change. Sure, we’ve been hot before, but the duration of extreme heat in the central United States is historic. The United States plans to try to fight climate change by planting 1 billion trees over the next decade. Apparently there is a backlog in tree planting as wildfires have created a huge amount of deforestation over the past two decades. With recent resources and funding, the USDA Forest Service will step up its efforts. Here is the article with more information: 1 billion trees to replant.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler