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Blog: Help with an increase in the cost of living

Councilor Frazer Lake, Cabinet Member for Social Care and Public Health, describes the council’s role in helping the vulnerable, as the cost of living rises at the fastest rate in 30 years.

“Across Liverpool, families are deeply concerned about rising bills.

Many are content to keep their heads above water and genuinely worried about the weeks and months ahead.

Currently around one in three households in Liverpool live in poverty and a third of those on Universal Credit are in work.

Rising fuel, energy and food costs create a perfect storm for families choosing to buy food or heat their homes.

The Chancellor’s statement this week was full of promises of future tax cuts, but there was no mention of immediate support for people in low-income jobs who struggle to put food on Table.

As a council, despite the financial challenges we continue to face, we are making a conscious decision to continue funding a range of projects to help support those most in need, unlike many other councils.

From payments to people in crisis, to helping with rent payments, we continue to spend tens of millions of pounds every year to support struggling families.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any assistance.”

Useful links to support available from the council and other organisations:

Benefit Tips

Ask for benefits advice or get help with Universal Credit claims today at or check if you qualify online at You can also call the free number 0800 028 3697 or visit any one-stop shop. You can also contact your landlord if you are a social housing tenant.


Your local citizens’ council can help you manage your debts. You can make an appointment with the City Center Financial Advice Team on 0151 233 2771. Call 0344 848 7700 or visit to find your local office. For details on other organizations, visit

Housing tax

Call us today on 0800 028 3686 if you are having trouble paying council tax, have council tax arrears, are struggling to repay overpaid housing allowance or if you have other debts to the municipality.

Free school meals

Apply today at or call freephone 0800 028 3697 and your family could save over £400 a year and your child’s school can receive up to £1,900 in extra funding for each eligible child.


Housing Options provides help and advice if you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Call us on freephone 0800 731 6844. Visit one of our one-stop shops – or call 0151 233 3000

Fuel and energy bills

Our Healthy Homes team can provide free help and advice if you’re struggling to pay your fuel bills, as well as energy saving tips and tricks to help you stay warm and lower your bills . They may also be able to help replace boilers and windows.

To visit or call them on freephone 0800 0121 754.

Council tax support

Council Tax Support helps you pay part of your council tax if you are on a low income or if you are applying for certain benefits. You can ask if you own your home or rent, or if you are working or unemployed.

Learn more:

Discretionary Housing Payments

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) can help you pay your rent in the short term when Housing Benefit or Universal Credit does not cover all of your rent. You can apply if you receive housing benefit or the housing cost element of Universal Credit or if there is a shortfall between your rent and your benefit entitlement.

Learn more:

Liverpool Citizens Support Scheme

If you find yourself in a crisis, you can apply for assistance in obtaining food and basic necessities for you and your family, including gas and electricity vouchers (urgent needs) and furniture and items household essentials (domestic needs). An emergency or crisis could be a fire or flood, or you have had to move due to violence or fear of violence, or you are leaving care or prison and need support to stay in the community.

Learn more:

Food banks in Liverpool

Your local food bank can provide at least three days of emergency food and support for people in crisis. You can get a voucher from your: health visitor, social worker, local citizens’ council or charity and take your voucher to your local Trussell Trust food bank to receive your emergency food. Your local church or community center may have their own system and you may not need a voucher.

Learn more:

Advance on short-term benefits

If you are waiting for your first benefit payment and do not have enough money to cover food and essentials such as rent, gas and electricity, you can ask your local Job Center for an advance. short term.

Learn more:

be connected

Parents and guardians of children eligible for free school meals can benefit from a free 4G connection for 12 months. Families get a MiFi router, which means they can get online quickly and easily without an engineer’s visit. The deadline is April 14.

Learn more: