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Blog: Mild today before the next cold snap. Watch the weekend snow trends!

Today we are going to warm up a little more. Yesterday’s high temperatures reached the 40’s with partly cloudy skies. It was a little cold, but it was fine in the sun. Today we have more clouds overall, but the sun should be out enough to help raise temperatures. There is a warm front lifting to our north, and we have a southwesterly wind today at 8-12 mph.

Regional weather map

High temperatures are targeting the low 50s this afternoon. It will only be a few degrees above average. If the sun is shining for a while, it should be nice enough to get out and walk around. Anyway, I recommend doing it today as a blast of cold air is on the way. The strong cold front will arrive by tonight. Temperatures will drop rapidly into the 40s. We may have isolated showers or splashes this evening. Then overnight it could turn into a few isolated showers. This could even continue until tomorrow morning. Then we’ll be dry for the rest of the day except for some bay effect on the Southside. High temperatures will only be in the mid 30s tomorrow. wow!

Expected weather tomorrow

We will have clouds in the morning with some sunny spells in the afternoon. Winds will be from the north at 10-15 mph with some stronger gusts. We will stay cold and dry on Thursday. Then Friday comes…

During the day on Friday, we will warm up a bit. High temperatures will reach the upper 40s. Winds will be from the south/southeast. We will have more and more clouds with a few isolated showers possible later in the day. It’s as definitive as possible. In the evening, the models begin to separate in a big way. They do, however, agree on the model. A powerful cold front will move through the region with an area of ​​low pressure forming along the front. The low should strengthen rapidly as it moves offshore. Models disagree on how quickly the bottom strengthens and how much moisture lingers on the back. The GFS pattern (race this morning) has rain showers developing by Friday evening. It then turns the precip into a mixture overnight. Then there is snow on Saturday morning for a few hours.

Friday Night GFS Model
Saturday Morning GFS Model

European and Canadian models have much longer snow weather with the low building up much earlier and closer to the coast.

European Model Friday Night
European model saturday morning

Needless to say, this scenario would drop quite a bit of snow. Sorry….It’s just too early to put a map with snowfall amounts. We are in a time where we need to watch for trends and patterns. The models will probably bounce a bit more. A few days ago some of the models had no precip over our area. Tomorrow we will start playing with the possible amounts (at least generally). Next, we will refine the forecast from Thursday to the weekend.

Forecast details

So check back for updates!

I haven’t done much global or national weather news lately. I’ve seen 2 interesting things in the headlines lately. Recently, Greece and Turkey were hit by a rare snowstorm. It halted travel in parts of the region for some time. Here is the article: Rare snowstorm in Greece and Turkey.

Want to have warm thoughts? In the southern hemisphere, they just had the hottest temperature ever (in the southern hemisphere). A recent heat wave about a week ago created temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit over a large area on 2 continents. It first hit South America. Then it hit Australia. Here is the article with more information: Extreme heat over South America.

So if you’re wondering where our heat has gone lately… South!

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler