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Blog Review: March 30

Aircraft and 5G; auto ASIC engineers; Flea Act.

Ansys’ Shawn Carpenter examines the continued impact of potential interference with aircraft radar altimeters on 5G C-band deployment and the testing that will be required to allow 5G C-band service towers to begin operating near airports by July.

Siemens’ Harry Foster points to an increase in the number of engineers working on automotive ASIC projects and the growing complexity of designing and verifying automotive ICs.

Cadence’s Paul McLellan listens to Laura O’Neill of the US Department of Commerce explain the background to the CHIPS Act to fund US semiconductor manufacturing and how she hopes to address supply chain issues.

Synopsys’ Chris Clark examines key trends in the automotive industry, including the increase in advanced computing power, the integration of cybersecurity into organizations’ operations, and the use of digital twins for design and testing.

Arm’s Jeff Defilippi examines use cases driving chip adoption and the aspects that contribute to the development of a successful chip ecosystem.

In a blog for SEMI, Falkonry’s Nikunj Mehta highlights how the challenges of improving production are similar in semiconductor fabs and steel mills, and how smart manufacturing can help make better use of resources.

In addition, find the blogs of the latest Systems & Design newsletter:

Technology Editor Brian Bailey says product naming is often irrational, but when it comes to standards, extra care needs to be taken. This is often not the case.

Cadence’s Frank Schirrmeister explains how machine learning interacts with chip design in different ways.

Synopsys’ PV Srinivas explains why integrating IR approval into the placement and routing step reduces costly manual ECOs.

Pradeep Thiagarajan and Scott Guyton of Siemens EDA examine the benefits of periodic analyzes of large and small signals in the frequency domain.

Philippe Luc from Codasip warns that the discovery of a bug should be a clue to look for others in the same area.

Marta Martínez Vázquez from Renesas defines the different types of radar and how they are used to improve the safety of a car.

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