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Blog: Seasonal Monday with more heat this week

The past two years have been… bizarre to say the least, so it’s only fitting that the last weather week in 2021 is also… bizarre. A few brisk mornings, a few warmer afternoons, clouds, sun, rain, whatever you want.

A stationary front moving overhead is bringing a few more clouds today, finally keeping our temperatures high in the mid 1950s. A little warmer in the south, cooler in the north. As this border winds above Hampton Roads, a few parasitic downpours are thrown into the mix by tomorrow. Some of the warmer air is also seeping in, so the highs should flirt with 60 °.

The risk of rain increases in the middle of the week.

The unstable nature takes us to the middle of the week, where a few scattered showers develop later on Wednesday. Not a rainy day under any circumstances, and even with a mostly cloudy sky, the peaks should reach 70 °! This should be ahead of our next best rainstorm which is expected to move with patchy rain showers on Thursday.

Unstable 7 day forecast.

As New Year’s Eve approaches, things seem to be dry! But there will be rain for the weekend, from now a few showers develop on Saturday before heavy rains on Sunday. We will refine these details as they are subject to change.

Welcome to the New Year!

If you yearn for winter because this week is hot, it comes with the New Year. Strong, cold air is expected to come in behind the rain this weekend.

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro