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Blog: The cold air goes out. The models start to agree on Sunday.

We expect some cold air for this morning. The forecasts verified! Low temperatures reached the low to mid-1920s with a few teenagers inland.

Low temperatures this morning

Aeolian chills were among the teenagers. Fortunately, that breath of cold air is already coming out. The high pressures are sliding off, allowing the wind to turn southwest.

Regional weather map

It won’t be a heat wave, but temperatures this afternoon will rise to 40 degrees and almost 50 degrees. It is close to the average.

Forecast time today

In fact… temperatures will be well above average over much of the country today.

Temperature deviation from the average today

we will have a lot of sun today locally. It will be a fairly pleasant day once we get through the cold this morning. Tomorrow we will start in the upper 20s and lower 30s. We will end in the 1950s. It will be very hot in the Deep South. Looked:

Weather Forecast Tomorrow

There will be a mixture of sun and clouds in our area. We are going to pick up a little humidity from the south. So there may even be isolated showers in the area. They will mainly be near the shore.

A cold front will sweep the region on Friday. There will be a slim chance of taking a shower. Otherwise we will have a mixture of sun and clouds. The high temperatures will drop until the 1940s. Then we will descend even further on Saturday. High temperatures will only be in the upper 30s. It will be partly cloudy and windy.

The good news about Sunday’s forecast is that the computer models suddenly fell into pretty good agreement. The basic theme is that a low pressure area is going to form in our west. A strong upper low pressure will develop over the Tennessee River Valley early Sunday, and will move over our area from Sunday evening to Monday morning. It will be on a track that will eventually lead it to the northeast. The surface depression should now strengthen towards our west. Before, some models had reinforced it at sea. This most recent scenario could create a big mess in our west. The snow could really pile up quickly. However with the last trail it looks like we will have a lot of rain in our area with a brief winter mix at the start and end.

Here are some of the latest models. GFS shows brief mixing and rain in the area later Sunday morning. Then it rained later in the day.

Model GFS Sunday afternoon

It then rained overnight until Sunday morning (for us) with snow to the west. It shows a brief mixture in the morning.

GFS Monday morning model

He then made us dry at the end of the morning.

If you have read the weather blog yesterday then you know that the European model had all the precipitation in our south on Sunday. Today it is (ironically) very similar to the GFS and Canadian models.

European pattern Sunday afternoon
European Monday morning pattern

So, although the models are currently in fairly good agreement, I hesitate to put the stamp on the forecasts at this time. It is still possible that the models will change before Sunday if this is not likely. If it is colder we may have some snow at the edge of our viewing area, and maybe more mixing in the area. By tomorrow it will be in the NAM model lineup. So stay tuned for updates, but definitely come back if you have any outdoor plans this weekend.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler