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BLOG: The first snow of the season arrives on Monday

Our first chance of snow for this winter season arrives Monday morning. A storm system will bring a blast of colder air, heavy rain, and snow to start the week. While I think this snow will be exciting for many of us, the travel impacts should remain low. Let’s take a look at the models.

Over the course of the morning, it seems likely that most of us will see the rain turn to snow at sunrise, or possibly before. The speed at which the snow falls will determine the amount that accumulates on the ground. The main roads should stay wet, the secondary roads could become muddy during the morning drive. The 4 inch ground temperatures are 55 degrees, the bay is 52 degrees. These two factors will remove build-ups, but not prevent them.

4 Model snow totals

For fun, here are the 4 snowfall output models. 8 inches in Williamsburg, almost 3 inches in VB. I do not think so…

Total snowfall on Monday morning

I think it’s going to be an exciting snowfall event. We all have a great chance to see snow fall from the sky. Most of us have a great chance to see the ground turn white. Drivers should be OK as the roads will remain wet or muddy. Air temperatures on Monday will be above freezing throughout the event. I might increase those numbers if it looks like the temperatures will be cold enough to withstand more snow. Stay tuned…


Impacts should be limited to natural soil. Since the models are still grossly at odds with each other, we’ll need to watch for changes. Meteorologist Steve Fundaro will be present Sunday morning with updates from 6 a.m.

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson