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Blog: The hottest fashion trend of the season? Bass Pro hats make a statement

It seems that when Springfield, Missouri makes national news, it’s rarely for good reason.

Fortunately, this is not one of those times.

It turns out that the super inexpensive trucker hats from Springfield-based Bass Pro Shops are all the rage this season.

At $ 6 apiece for an adult-sized hat, Bass Pro offers a multitude of colors with its logo and a large bass fish inside a yellow circle.

In the Ozarks, it’s a common sight, and it can leave area residents wondering why this particular item is jumping off the shelves. I have personally owned and worn a Bass Pro hat before, and had no idea I was wearing a trendy item.

A report in the Wall Street Journal titled “How a $ 6 Bass Pro Shops Hat Became a Fashion Trend” sheds light on the product.

For Jesse Alvarado, a 25-year-old restaurateur from Los Angeles, the hat is a good deal, even if he doesn’t fish or hunt.

“It’s a simple design, like you can put it on with anything,” he told The Wall Street Journal.

Alvarado and others rip off the hats as soon as they hit Bass Pro’s website and stores, according to the report, and some dealers are returning the product to eBay.

John Paul Morris, director of customer service for Bass Pro and son of founder Johnny Morris, told the Wall Street Journal that the company had “kind of a run on our Bass Pro trucker caps.”

He said the price of $ 6 shouldn’t change because the hats are a great marketing tool for the outdoor merchandise retailer.

“We love to see our customers wearing their Bass Pro hats,” he said in the article.

The notion of a local success story isn’t new to Bass Pro, as Johnny Morris pioneered the concept of his father’s liquor store in town.

Still, it’s nice to see a Springfield product go around the fashion world.

Hats off to Bass Pro and his new feel.