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Blog: The life of a dog (23/09/22)

Some pets live lavished with royal treatment. It must be nice to live the life of a dog, a canary or even a cat.

During a recent visit to my Aunt Jean, her cat, Pumpkin, joined us for dinner. His favorite menu: tuna at room temperature (in water, never in oil). When I found myself devoting much of the conversation to the cat, I realized that my aunt’s life could be stereotyped. The cat was indeed a stand-in for her adult children. The children had left the nest, leaving Jean alone with the cat.

Why do some people pamper their pets? With pet shops offering everything from yoghurt to flavored pet treats to comfy ferret hammocks. It seems that being the family pet isn’t such a bad thing.

It’s almost like spoiling your children. My neighbor feeds her dog, Pepper, people food and lets him roam the house. But he wears coats and sweaters every time he leaves the house. With a child you buy new clothes, with her dog she buys him the same. Yes, the dog has a lifeline when going out with the family in the boat.

A family friend, Pam, has her Pekingese professionally groomed every week. They paint the dog’s nails and also have cologne to complete the makeover. This must be exhausting him as he comes home from the date and takes a nap in his heated bed.

At larger pet stores, you’ll find accessories like denim and fleece toys, squeaky stretchy latex toys, and even dental floss. When my aunt pulled out the latest Pumpkins toy I was stunned, it was an intriguing cube that would give the cat mental stimulation, exercise and relief from boredom.

Worried about your pet’s boredom? Some people just have way too much free time. I’ve had a variety of pets, each loved, but boredom? This is where I draw the line.

Nancee Harrison is a former columnist for the Greene County Daily World. Visit or email her at [email protected] or send your comments to Nancee, Daily World, Box 129 Linton IN 47441.