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Blog: We had rain. A little more on the way.

Yesterday’s forecast went as expected. We ended up with scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon with a cluster of showers in the evening.

Heavy rain last night

We had good amounts of rain in the area. Most areas were about a half inch to three quarter inch. However, one lucky spot picked up more than an inch.

24 hour rainfall totals

My Weather Observer Barry in Gloucester collected about 1.3″ of precipitation. Scott in Yorktown was just over a thumb. The Virginia Beach reading is from NAS Oceana. I think there were heavier rains on other parts of the city. Langley, AFB was over an inch. It will really help in the short and long term. Hope this helps with the recent bushfires.

You may have noticed that yesterday’s thunderstorms rolled in directly from north to south. The jetstream takes a big dip over our area. This rapidly moving river of air in the upper levels is an engine of storms. So yesterday it was aligned north to south over our area. Today it is moving northwest to southeast.

Jetstream over the United States

There is a cool front which also descended to the south. Today, it will sink very slowly towards the south and the southwest.

Regional weather map

There is another cool front to the west. These two fronts will merge and sink towards the south. So we’ll be cooling today into the upper 70s, but it’s still going to be humid. So it won’t be refreshing.

Temperature forecast

Extreme heat will move southeast toward Florida. So they will have highs in the 100s all the way to Jacksonville, Florida.

With all the local characteristics mentioned for our region, we will have some more scattered rain showers today. There could be an isolated thunderstorm, but most showers will be light and scattered. There will be more scattered rain showers from the north until early afternoon.

Future Trak (this afternoon)

Then we will finally start to dry between late afternoon and evening. We might pick up another tenth of an inch or two.

Tonight we will be dry with partly cloudy skies and lows in the 60s. We will be a little drier tomorrow with high temperatures near 80 degrees. It should be pretty cool. We will have a light northeast breeze.

Then we will also have good weather this weekend. Highs will be in the 80s with beautiful skies.

In world news…. We had pretty heavy rain last night. However, there have recently been very severe floods in parts of China. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced. Here is the article with more information: Recent floods in China.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler