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Blogging Unplugged launches blogging tutorials in 2022

The online blog created by Jasmeet Singh offers step-by-step instructions for creating and monetizing a blog in 2022. The easy-to-follow instructions take a beginner step-by-step through the process.

Blogging Unplugged and Jasmeet Singh are pleased to announce the launch of the website and blog, which feature detailed descriptions of the steps required to create, monetize and manage a blog. The information is up to date and works in today’s online market. The creator of the blog and website is Jasmeet Singh, who created the articles and tutorials that make up the content through personal experience in conceptualizing and implementing a blog about blogs.

The initial content and articles available on the website begin with easy-to-follow blogging tutorials. The tutorials start with the most basic information and take a beginner through the first steps of identifying a blog topic, selecting a name, and finding a web hosting company. Jasmeet makes recommendations on various products and services. His blog is an affiliate site, so it stands to reason that he would recommend certain tools and software over others.

To give proper credit where it’s due, Singh explains the reasons behind his recommendations. One example is WordPress and for that they regularly release beginner-friendly WordPress tutorials. As with the blogging for beginners articles, each step of setting up a WordPress blog site is listed and described in detail. The beginner using the tutorials found on the website will be able to identify a blog topic, create a blog site, and operate it successfully.

Jasmeet Singh speaks with the voice of experience. He has a decade of online experience and early in the process was able to successfully monetize his online efforts. It answers many of the most common questions associated with blogging in a way that isn’t too complicated or too simplistic. A list of top topics provides plenty of information on how to make money from blogging.

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Blogging Unplugged is a new blog on the topic of successful blogging. The detailed steps can be followed with a successful result. The website also identifies information on many WordPress-related products.

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