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Brett’s Blog: Monday, September 26, 2022 – Brush Fires of Liberty

One of the most rewarding aspects of volunteering for the States Covenant Project is the opportunity to fellowship together. We have these opportunities in person, through teleconference calls, phone calls, emails and text messages. From time to time, we organize regional and national events.

One such national event was our national leadership conference in historic Williamsburg. VA in 2019. Nearly 400 Covenant States Project (COSP) volunteers from across the country gathered to hear from speakers such as: COSP Co-Founder Mark Meckler, Dr. Tom Coburn, Pete Hegseth of Fox News , David Barton and “The Great One” Marc Lévin. It was a privilege to learn from these great thought leaders. The information they shared in their presentations provided historical perspective and helped realize the impact of our efforts. We learned best practices in our breakout sessions that help us be better servant leaders.

As great as those experiences are, they pale in comparison to the casual conversations and meetings we had with each other. This is where the magic happened. The ability to speak with those we only knew by the shoulders on conference calls was a precious moment. Learning about our fellow team members from across the country on a personal level was so special. The States Covenant Project is more than a voluntary political organization. We are a family.

In a few weeks, more than 600 volunteers will meet again in Orlando, Florida. Our list of speakers is even stronger than our 2019 meeting. We are grateful to have these unique opportunities to learn from nationally renowned speakers. The most endearing conversations will take place in the hallways, courtyards and living rooms of our COSP family. This is what we expect the most.

As in 2019, much of the event will be broadcast live. Below is a video of highlights from the 2019 Summit. We will also be streaming the 2022 Leadership Conference live. Watch for more details as it will be a great learning experience whether you attend in person or remotely. . We hope you enjoy this event.



Film of the 2019 States Covenant Leadership Summit (Video 20:12)

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