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Bucs “Family” by Tyrann Mathieu –

Bucs “Family” by Tyrann Mathieu

March 16, 2022

Strong ties to Bucs revealed.

With news that the Bucs haven’t even tried to keep hard-hitting and blossoming young safety Jordan Whitehead, Joe speculated that something might have been bubbling beneath the surface for Tampa Bay to take such disinterest in guarding a safety. young strong.

Well, maybe that something just surfaced.

Did you know that free agent safety Honey Badger is engaged to the daughter-in-law of Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles?

And to add more intrigue, it looks like Honey Badger, her fiancé, and two of Bowles’ sons hung out at an amusement park today. ESPN’s Jenna Laine has the details.

Let the speculation begin!

So maybe, just maybe, the Bucs were planning on signing Honey Badger all along and that made Whitehead useless? Notice Tom Brady telling Russell Gage earlier this week that the Bucs are building something special? Bringing in the three-time Pro Bowler would be special.

Now, to add lighter fluid to the simmering coals, Joe knows Honey Badger and Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians is tight. Three years ago, Joe sat down with Honey Badger on opening night of the Super Bowl and asked him bluntly if the Arians tried to sign him to the Bucs before the 2019 season.

Not only did Honey Badger, who turns 30 this spring, confirm that with Joe, Honey Badger said he wanted to play for the Arians and the Bucs, but the Bucs didn’t have the money to sign him.

Stay tuned!