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Whoever thought blogs were dead is wrong. Blogs have taken the world by storm, especially after the pandemic and shutdowns. just launched its blog on September 9 and in less than a fortnight its site received 50,000 visits.

Buzzing Today writes about trends around the world, from Hollywood news to celebrity scoop, to global affairs such as political, financial, sports and health news. With a team of writers and journalists, the blog aims to provide information that is straight to the point. According to their blog statistics, they have observed that the new generation of readers prefer their information to be short and crisp and do not want to read unnecessary information.

The entire site currently does no marketing and has purely organic traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, and Baidu. They have a trained SEO team that helps the blog rank well on search engines and perform keyword research as well as publish articles that people want to read.

Based on their analytics, they have observed that the majority of their traffic comes from the United States. They also added that the topics that interest readers are based on sports and entertainment (Hollywood). These are the posts that get the best traction and traffic.

Some tips for new bloggers

The Buzzing Today founder said blogging is a great way for writers to start their own business and follow their passion. After being questioned, he graciously offered some advice to those considering it.

“People who write well and have a lot of knowledge on a specific topic should just go out there and create their blog. The key advice to follow is that they should create original content and not copy other people’s content. They should do their research and write their own posts.

“Second, they need to create an attractive blog site and include images and graphics in posts.

“Third, they should learn about search engine optimization (SEO) and how they can link their website to search engines to drive organic traffic to the blog. Along with that, they should create social media accounts for their blog on the platforms that will give their topic the most traction and cross-posting on those platforms.This will get referral traffic from those platforms which will eventually improve the ranking of their search engine blog.

Once they have substantial traffic to their blog, they can apply for a Google AdSense account and put ads on their blog and generate a decent income. In addition to advertisements, they may even sell products themselves or sell products through affiliate marketing.

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