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Cade Otton’s Rise Continues –

Cade Otton’s rise continues

November 13, 2022

Joe is excited about the growth of tight end Cade Otton because it’s desperately needed if the Bucs are going to be a lethal offense again.

What the Bucs need at TE won’t come from Cameron Brate.

Sure, Brate probably still has a few big catches left in him this season, but Otton is the only tight end on the roster capable of switching defenses.

He has enough speed, good hands, and Tom Brady showed again today that he trusts Otton until the end. The Bucs’ final drive featured a huge surge from Brady and a throw to Otton in the red zone for a 25-yard gain.

What a way to start the fourth trimester!

The replay shows the Seattle safety shading towards Chris Godwin and reacting too late to Otton’s quality drive in the left seam. The rookie held on and had a big shot for the first down, which led the Bucs to a 21-3 lead.

Otton has 26 catches for 281 yards this season in nine games played. Very good for a fourth-round pick, but more important is the trust he builds with Brady and the way Otton seems more dangerous.

Fast forward to the end of December. Imagine if Otton is a constant threat and Chris Godwin, Julio Jones and Mike Evans are healthy, with a halfway decent running game.

It’s a good enough offense to beat anyone.