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Calhoun vs. Warner Robins are regulars in title matches

Each has a powerful attack. Warner Robins averaging 48.4 points per game and scored 678 points; the Demons have scored over 40 points in 11 games, including three of four playoff games. Calhoun accumulated 540 points (48.6 points) and scored over 40 points in six games.

Offensive forces

Both teams have talented senior quarterbacks. Christon Lane stepped into the role this year for Warner Robins and replaced All-States selection Jalen Addie by throwing for 2,381 yards and 29 touchdowns. Christian Lewis from Calhoun came back and just posted good numbers week after week. Lewis is a smart decision maker, throws with precision, and is perhaps the most underrated quarterback in the state. He was elected quarterback of all regions for the second year in a row.

Warner Robins had to rely on his running back depth when 1,000-yard winner Malcolm Brown suffered a season-ending knee injury. But his pal Fred Perry stepped in and now has 1,332 yards and 17 touchdowns, which have come by bushel in the playoffs. Calhoun’s running game is anchored by the 1,000-yard rear Caden Williams and Gage Leonard.

Calhoun’s receiving game is sometimes spectacular. Cole Speer is a Georgian commit who was voted Region 7 Player of the Year. He is tall, athletic and unfazed. He’s a playmaker too, just like his running mate Quin Smith, another great game that’s waiting to happen. Both are also members of an exceptional secondary. Warner Robins also have a host of receivers to choose from, including Daveon Walker, an all-state pick who has 60 catches for 1,154 yards and 13 touchdowns, and the elusive Deuce Petty, who has 31 catches for 604 yards and nine touchdowns. .

Calhoun’s offensive line includes players from all regions Kendrick Kirby and Jace Warren, a pair of seniors who have a lot of experience. Freshman Emaree Winston pulled together the numbers from all regions in her freshman year. Warner Robins’ offensive line has a lot of experience and includes left tackle CJ Brooks, left guard Jose Gonzalez, center EJ Carter, right guard Caden Pollock and right tackle Noah Stovall.

Warner Robins coach Marquis Westbrook said, “Our guys and our coaches do a really good job of making sure we’re efficient and effective. Our coordinator makes sure we get the most out of our children and makes sure they are in the right position. We have very talented kids and we try to put them in the right position to make plays – and they do. “

Defensive forces

Warner Robins is nasty to racing. The Demons are big and physical up front, with Jay Carter and five-star Vic Burley leading the way. Carter has had a monster year (130 tackles, nine sacks) and made many big plays against Cartersville, including one tackle in the fourth and one to help keep the season alive. Nate Sanford is a 295-pound nose tackle who is underrated for his ability to obstruct midfield. Fred Perry and Antwon Jackson take care of the background.

“We have been consistent,” said Warner Robins coach Marquis Westbrook. “We ditched some games and you look back and say you wish you could get it. But our first seven have been stellar. A lot of our points that we gave up were mistakes on the backend and we were able to keep the games going despite those mistakes. If we can make sure that we consolidate those things, we can be really strong. “

Calhoun’s defense is solid in the secondary with Speer and Smith on the corner and Gage Leonard on safety. Linebackers are exceptional; Christopher Lewis and Mason Green on the inside linebacker and Blaze Hammett on the outside were each picks from all regions.

This group has been particularly effective since the loss to McCallie, Tenn., In the second week of the season. The Yellow Jackets have allowed 38 points in that game and have only allowed more than 21 points on two occasions since.

“You have to go out and have an aggressive mindset in all three phases of the game and I think that’s what the players will learn and the coaches will learn,” said coach Clay Stephenson. “We’ve been trying to do it since the McCallie game. “