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Camp Blog: Saturday Back Together

Best time of the year: As the players left the field for their morning drive on Wednesday, a line of cars was already waiting to enter the campus of Saint Vincent College, with Steelers Nation lit up for the first day of training camp practice.

And they’re not the only ones getting pumped.

The players are too, including quarterback Mitch Trubisky.

“First day of school, first day of camp,” Trubisky said. “Everyone is ready to go. Everyone is super early for meetings, amplified and ready to go.

“I’m excited. It’s the best time of the year yet. Training camp, football season. Delighted to be back on the field with the guys and going all out.”

Trubisky is going through his first Steelers training camp, but he’s already heard from his teammates what it’s going to be like to have the fans there, cheer them on and change the whole atmosphere.

“It’s going to be cool to have the fans here watching us in practice,” Trubisky said. “I think it will give us a lot more energy and make practice more fun. I’m excited. From what I’ve heard there’s going to be a great display from Steelers fans. I’m excited to this subject.”

Trubisky will give fans their first taste of what he brings to the black and gold, but he won’t be the only quarterback to get some meaningful shots. Mason Rudolph, Kenny Pickett and Chris Oladokun will all work on site, and coach Mike Tomlin said the competition will be timed and not micromanaged.

“We’re not going to micromanage or overmanage this quarterback competition,” Tomlin said. “The depth chart isn’t going to be on every throw. I know you’ll want to ask me every day and every throw, but we’re going to be a little more stable than that. I think it’s important from a team perspective. leadership. not to over-manage, not to be too impulsive, so that’s what I passed on to these guys, and our actions will continue to display that mindset.”

It’s the same mindset that Trubisky takes with him to camp, knowing it’s all about the job.

“You have to trust the coach when he says that,” Trubisky said. “He wants us to go out there and play free and he told us that. You don’t worry about every pitch. It’s practice. You have to go out there and test the pitches. You have to let the guys make plays. You got to go out there and not worry about every pitch. When you don’t think about it, that’s when you’re playing your best anyway.

Trubisky has been in the Steelers system for just a few months, having signed as a free agent in March and participating in OTAs and a minicamp. But he already feels at home with the attack and is ready to go full speed ahead.

“I’m very comfortable,” Trubisky said. “I feel like I have a very good understanding of the attack and what the coach wants us to do. I think the first two weeks of training camp we try to establish our identity and see what we’re good at. My job is to just give the ball to the playmakers. It’s my job to lead the attack and that’s what I try to do.