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Camp Wahanowin launches a blog

The new leadership of the Southern Ontario residential camp is launching an online journal from which they will communicate their ideas to the public.

TORONTO, ON/ACCESSWIRE/February 24, 2022/ It is with great anticipation that the new leadership team at Camp Wahanowin announces that they have launched a new blog, bolstered by four inaugural entries. The new online journal is hosted by a well-known online platform and covers a variety of residential camp camper, staff, management and program issues.

In the last entry, titled Camp Wahanowin on the importance of safety and inclusiveness, camp leadership dives deep into how fostering an equitable, safe, and nurturing environment can help build children into more empowered people. “An inclusive camp allows children from all backgrounds and educational levels to participate in an equitable setting. A setting established as equitable allows all children to have a voice, express themselves and connect with others,” the team writes, elaborating, “Participation is essential to the camp experience. If all children are treated equally, it means success is available. Children must also have the ability to make choices, which helps to increase their motivation and desire to participate.

In the previous entry, titled Camp Wahanowin provides key elements for a positive experience, the Camp Wahanowin leadership team provides a comprehensive overview of the many elements that go into creating a successful residential camp. “Camp generally provides a structure that accommodates campers’ needs and desires. Staff take the time to develop and plan developmentally and age-appropriate activities and programs that embrace camp values ​​that are growth, respect, community and tradition”, they declare, before taking their own model as an example. “We encourage physical and creative activities that appeal to all campers. We also like to ensure that there is as much involvement in nature to help children connect with each other and outdoors. Confidence-boosting activities are designed for all types of children. Support staff help children overcome potential fears safely and have fun.”

Anyone curious to read these blog entries in their entirety can find them located herewhile anyone interested in learning more about Camp Wahanowin is encouraged to visit his official site.

About Camp Wahanowin:

Located on the shores of Lake Couchiching in the rugged Canadian wilderness, Camp Wahanowin is a co-ed residential camp for children ages 6-16. Each summer, the camp welcomes hundreds of children who attend camp to make friends, learn useful skills and participate in a carefully curated mix of programs and activities. A truly immersive experience, Camp Wahanowin is a totally unplugged setting, designed to take its campers out of their comfort zone and encourage their participation in all kinds of outdoor activities.

Some of the plethora of activities that take place at Camp Wahanowin include woodworking, mountain biking, archery, baseball, basketball, tennis, sailing, swimming, and rock climbing. The camp also offers popular waterskiing, trapeze and theater programs.

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Camp Wahanowin
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Email: [email protected]

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